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The Name "Bunny"

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rindolf B-rabbit? I know a B-rat on #linguistics.
B-rabbit rindolf, cool =]
rindolf B-rabbit: ok.
B-rabbit my full name is bunny rabbit bt w :)
B-rabbit hehe
rindolf B-rabbit: ah.
rindolf B-rabbit: "bunny" is a female name.
B-rabbit lol
pippijn rindolf: correct
pippijn I know a bunny
rindolf Or a Playboy bunny.
ik rindolf: bunny is a stripper name
pippijn friends call her bun
ik pippijn: is she a stripper?
B-rabbit rindolf, i am a male lol x sorry to disappoint u
rindolf "IRC: Where men are men, women are men, and the kids are FBI agents."
rindolf B-rabbit: ok, no problem.
ik pippijn: she should change her name
pippijn ik: it doesn't hurt her
ik pippijn: right, but she's violating a fundamental law
ik pippijn: she either needs to change her name or become a stripper
rindolf ik: I think the other option is better.
pippijn ik: she'd probably become a stripper rather than changing her name
rindolf pippijn: LOL.
ik rindolf: yeah, but you're creepy
rindolf I think I'll make a fortune out of it.
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