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The Ultimate Goal of One's Programming

rp21 i think i'm too critical to be a programmer ...
rindolf rp21: do you mean you're too perfectionist?
Su-Shee yeah sure. there's something like "too good code".
rindolf Su-Shee: print "Hello World!\n"; - that's good code.
rindolf Or maybe say "Hello World!";
rindolf Can't be improved.
rp21 hey, why did my nick change?
rp2 yes it may be perfectionism
rindolf rp2: ah, sucks.
rp2 eg i want to get all columns from a database table in Perl
rp2 now my problem is that i want to write code that works wuith a variety of databases and both on windows and linux
rp2 it seems that as soon as i have found a way to overcome a particular restriction, i mentally add another and spend my time trying to overcome that too, sometimes losing track of the reason i started the script
rindolf rp2: heh.
rp2 if i were a better programmer i'd get through the hurdles quicker and end up with
rp2 except that i'd probably finish Perl 7 to write it in first
rindolf rp2: well, some of my programs outgrow their original purpose too.
rindolf rp2: :-D
rp2 except that it'd never get finished because i'd first fix the OSes it's supposed to run on,
rp2 etc etc
rp2 raaaah!
rindolf rp2: you should hire Chuck Norris.
rp2 yes
rindolf Chuck Norris can end world hunger, but he thinks that hungry people make humanity a more challenging adversary.
rindolf If everyone had enough to eat, it would be too easy for him.
rindolf ;-)
mino Chuck Norris also writes understandable perl code... *scnr*
rindolf mino: LOL.
rindolf mino: Chuck Norris can read Perl code that was RSA encrypted.
mino rindolf: is there any difference to unencrypted one? :P
rindolf mino: not to Chuck.
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