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The Third #perl Reich (on Freenode #perl).

scrottie The tech side was there... but I was stuck with my fucking graphics I did in crayon. I kid you not. Crayon.
scrottie It was a cry for help.
scrottie Programmers will work with each other on fun projects, but graphic designers never get involved in stuff like that.
rindolf scrottie: ah.
scrottie then there's stick figures.
rindolf scrottie: there are some graphic designers who contribute to KDE, GNOME, etc.
scrottie fuck graphic artists. we should round them all up and burn them.
rindolf scrottie: heh.
scrottie okay, they can live.
rindolf scrottie: scrotitler!
scrottie the rest get burnt though.
rindolf "He who starts by burning graphics desginers will end up burning programmers."
scrottie only the ASP and PHP programmers... then we'll see where things are at and re-evaluate the plan.
rindolf First they came to the graphics designers...
Khisanth then they came for more graphics designers
rindolf scrottie: I knew some very nice PHP programmers.
rindolf And VB ones.
scrottie yeah, me too. real shame.
rindolf scrottie: I still know some PHP programmers.
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