Discussing vapourware on Freenode’s ##freebsd - Fortune

Discussing vapourware on Freenode’s ##freebsd

anonuser You know for when they finally decide to release that programatic abortion they call perl 6
rindolf anonuser: on Christmas.
rindolf anonuser: don’t know which one.
rindolf anonuser: you can download pugs and play with it.
anonuser rindolf, The running joke I have with friends is that Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) is being written in Perl6
rindolf anonuser: it’s an old joke.
anonuser rindolf, DNF and Perl6 together is an old joke?
rindolf anonuser: yeah.
rindolf anonuser: “Perl 6 is the language Duke Nukem Forever will be written in.”
rindolf Well, it’s not too old, but it’s a meme.
Aji-Dahaka rindolf: I’m the guy who’s going to port DNF from GNU/Hurd to FreeBSD
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