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Verbing the verb on Freenode's #perl

* buu Stevie[FP] with a plunger.
* Stevie[FP] looks for the verb in that sentence
sili i think you're missing a verb
Stevie[FP] I think he's missing a brain.
sili unless Stevie[FP] is a verb i don't know
sili Stevie[FP]: v. see Stevie[FP]
Stevie[FP] I am not a verb!
sili you've been verbatized
* rindolf Stevie[FP]'s Chris62vw
Stevie[FP] verbalized?
rindolf Stevie[FP]: verbalized is a different thing.
rindolf Stevie[FP]: it comes from "verbal".
Stevie[FP] Verbified.
Stevie[FP] Verbiated.
rindolf stefan: verbificated.
Botje verbed.
Stevie[FP] Verberated.
rindolf Stevie[FP]: verberation is overrated.
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Network Freenode
Tagline Verbing the Verb