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markl_ so while i'm on the subject, is there a good perl HTML framework similar to what CakePHP is to PHP ?
markl_ like an MVC style environment
markl_ so i'm wondering if mason is "state of the art" or if there are other tools to consider these days :)
DrForr Catalyst.
markl_ catalyst ok, cool ty
rindolf markl_: there are plenty of other web-devel frameworks.
rindolf perlbot: web frameworks
perlbot rindolf: CGI-Application (and Titanium), CGI-Application-Plus, CGI-Builder, CGI-Prototype, Jifty, Catalyst (and Reaction), Mojo, SweetPea, Dancer, Gantry, AxKit, WebGUI
markl_ rindolf: hmm, way too many it would appear :)
rindolf markl_: yeah.
markl_ what are the easiest ones for people good with perl but not HTML/CSS/AJAX experts ?
rindolf markl_: not that Ruby or PHP have fewer.
markl_ or the most widely adopted one ?
rindolf markl_: the most popular appears to be Catalyst.
markl_ catalyst seems to at least have a book :)
rindolf markl_: it has several books.
rindolf markl_: I worked a bit with Mojolicious, and it wasn't too bad, but it reinvents a lot of wheels.
rindolf Due to its philosophy.
rindolf markl_: I also did some Catalyst projects.
rindolf Catalyst is a bit complicated.
rindolf sawyer: can you comment about Dancer?
sawyer Dancer is a lightweight web framework, it aims to make website development easy and rapid
Su-Shee like all the other web frameworks :)
sawyer for complex or extensive websites, i recommend Catalyst
sawyer but for smaller or not-as-complex website, Dancer is what i use
markl_ ok ty
* Su-Shee wants the one which makes it hard, complicated and difficult ;)
sawyer Su-Shee, true :)
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