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Welcome to Web 2.0

rindolf Kev: thanks.
rindolf Kev: did you post it on the French page?
Kev not yet
rindolf Kev: you need to create an account first. But it’s easy.
rindolf It’s a MediaWiki based wiki.
Kev arghhhhhhhhhhhh
rindolf Kev: what’s wrong?
jagerman Maybe MediaWiki wronged him in some way!
Kev wiki
jagerman Just be thankful it isn’t a blog!
rindolf Kev: what’s wrong with wikis?
rindolf And be extra thankful it’s not MySpace.
jagerman Mt. Allison [University] is now paying 5 students to maintain a "life as a Mt. A student" blog
Channel #perlcafe
Network Freenode
Tagline Welcome to Web 2.0