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What ##programming is all about?

christos_ hey
rindolf christos_: hi.
Znoosey hello
christos_ we have topic here?
rindolf christos_: /topic
kimochiwarui christos_: Ummm... programming? :-O
rindolf christos_: anyway, we discuss programming and other stuff.
Znoosey christos_: the general topic seems to be type safety
Znoosey >_<
rindolf Znoosey: and Java questions.
rindolf Help with Java homework.
Znoosey rindolf: ah yes
rindolf From people who cannot indent correctly.
Znoosey rindolf: hahaha
rindolf Znoosey: :-)
Znoosey rindolf: the most amusing was the other day, when some guy posted his code on one line in here, so i asked him to pastebin it, and he did... still all in one line
rindolf Znoosey: heh.
rindolf Znoosey: Java golf!
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