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What to do about Becoming Enraged By Java

swineflu is there away i can basicly do if (input.equals("1" || "2" || "3")) {
rindolf swineflu: if (input.equals("1") || input.equals("2").
rindolf swineflu: Perl 6 has junctions for this.
Znoosey swineflu: in which language?
swineflu in java
swineflu also thats uglyyyyyy
Znoosey then rindolfs way is the way to do it
limbo_ swineflu: case from java 7 on, before that just use ifs
Znoosey rindolf: is perl 6 out of beta yet?
rindolf Znoosey: well, they released Rakudo Star, but it's not very usable.
Znoosey ah
Znoosey rindolf: do you know when it will be done?
rindolf Znoosey: I wouldn't recommend people to use Perl 6, but its junctions are still a cool feature and there's a Perl 5 impl at https://metacpan.org/module/Perl6::Junction .
swineflu java enrages me
Rounin You should stop implementing the Enrageable interface, swineflu
Rounin A common rookie mistake
swineflu Enrageable interface = swing
Rounin Instead you need a HarmoniousAndConstructiveReactionAccessorFactoryDAOInjector Object
Rounin You get it by incentivizing an EJB SproinkJunk
Rounin In your supplication gridwork of choice
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