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What would your nickname imply

fedoragirl wait, people use binary packages in freebsd?
asarch fedoragirl, pkg_add -rv <package_name>
fedoragirl I thought everyone compiled from source manually or from ports
fedoragirl :(
asarch No, not any more
fedoragirl I knew it was possible
fedoragirl I just didn't realize anyone would actually do that
fedoragirl I thought it was a gimmick
EdwardIII those wacky devil worshipers over at freebsd
fedoragirl it's funny because my roomate is into demonology
fedoragirl and she actually uses fedora
fedoragirl while I, for the most part, use freebsd or debian
EdwardIII yet your nickname would imply otherwise
fedoragirl my nickname implies a lot of things
EdwardIII bsdgirl would just attract far too much attention
Su-Shee EdwardIII: thanking you for pointing out the obvious. I think, noone would have noticed otherwise.
EdwardIII come to mention it maybe i'll take that nickname arf arf
fedoragirl bsdgirl is actually taken
fedoragirl and I really should find a new one
MorgyN hats <3
rindolf -NickServ- debiangirl is not registered.
Su-Shee man, lucky for us women, there more distributions out there than women in computing. we can ALL have our own nick!
mst Su-Shee++ # roflmao
rindolf Su-Shee: heh.
Su-Shee yggdrasilgirl, slackgirl, fromscratchgirl .. imagine the possibilities.
EdwardIII slackboy sounds pretty sexy
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