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When Closed-source Bites

rindolf Hi all! How can I tell Flash in FF to play using artsd? It keeps trying to invoke esd. I’m on Mandriva 2007.
vexati0n the REAL question is, wtf is taking adobe so long with flash 9 :@
vexati0n rindolf: you might have to set that with firefox’ settings.
vexati0n or, do what good people do and use opera.
vexati0n :P
* rindolf slaps vexati0n
rindolf vexati0n: I’m not using Opera. Period.
rindolf I don’t like it and it’s not FOSS.
vexati0n god, it’s like opera is anathema just cause people can’t look at it’s code or something.
vexati0n like YUO are going to tinker with your browser’s source code anyway
rindolf vexati0n: actually, I did that for Firefox.
rindolf vexati0n: I have a bug pending on bugzilla.mozilla.org.
rindolf vexati0n: nah, nah, nah, nah
vexati0n well, you wouldn’t have to do it with opera because it already works :P
rindolf vexati0n: I hate the fact that it resizes images.
rindolf vexati0n: it causes the images to be too large.
rindolf vexati0n: now tell me how do I fix that.
vexati0n opera resizes images? o.O
vexati0n do you have a page it screws up so i can look?
rindolf vexati0n: when I press Ctrl++ and Ctrl+-
vexati0n oh. you mean it doesn’t just increase the size of the text.
rindolf vexati0n: take http://www.shlomifish.org/art/ for example.
rindolf vexati0n: yes.
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