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When to use XML and Popcorn?

designerjean http://scsys.co.uk:8002/87521
designerjean i know i'm not supposed to be using XML::Simple
designerjean but it's only one statement in the program
rindolf designerjean: is it causing problems?
mst yes, and it's the one that makes the $config you can't work out how to use
designerjean maybe
rindolf mst: :-)
mst your exact problem is "unable to use the results of XML::Simple"
mst because you're stupid and XML::Simple is shit
mst please switch to XML::Twig
designerjean ok thanks
dhoss people still use xml?
rindolf dhoss: it's a dirty job, but it pays.
dhoss i guess there's that
designerjean another case of stupid youth
dhoss designerjean: how old are you
rindolf dhoss: well, I'm using XML for some stuff willingly.
rindolf dhoss: JSON wouldn't have been usable.
dhoss rindolf: i guess that's a legit reason
rindolf Because I use them for text and stuff like that.
rindolf And it's hard to do something like <p>Hello <b>dhoss</b>!</p> in JSON.
rokoteko I think its mainly amongst web programmers where JSON is appreciated the most.
rindolf rokoteko: JSON has many valid uses.
DuClare XML has none
LeoNerd XML is for putting attribute markup within a stream of text.
dhoss rindolf: yea i can see that. json is more useful in a cross language barrier bit where markup isn't needed
LeoNerd (mostly because it came out of SGML)
rindolf DuClare: not true.
rokoteko XML is very widely used. that's like saying "I dont need to know Java, because the language sucks" ..
Su-Shee rindolf: you're mixing semantics with style here anyways. that would be bad xml.
rindolf Su-Shee: I was giving an illustrative example.
Su-Shee rindolf: then give a proper one. that was exactly how NOT to XML.
rindolf Su-Shee: besides , I think that <b> has some valid, semantic meaning.
rindolf And it's also shorter than <strong></strong>
rindolf Su-Shee: ok.
Su-Shee rindolf: no. bold doesn't mean "be bold and courageous here". it means "print this shit in bold typeface"
rindolf <p>Hello <name>Su-Shee</name>!</p>
rindolf XML is useful for wrapping and annotating text.
Dorward XML is only useful for wrapping and annotating text if you use a properly designed application of XML and everyone reading the document agrees on what the meaning is.
rokoteko XTML vs XDML could derive from XML. (text and data respectively). then of course you should be able to embed XDML in XTML.
rokoteko oh wait. Im thinkin aloud.
rindolf rokoteko: I've recently played with an XML-specific compression tool.
rindolf rokoteko: it achieved better compression than xz -9 --extreme but OTOH mishandled some «"» not inside attributes - converting them to &quot;
rokoteko rindolf: what requirements are you trying to meet by compressing xml?
PerlJam smaller XML docs :)
rindolf rokoteko: well, to reduce the size.
rokoteko well, doh. but why?
rindolf rokoteko: like over the Net, etc.
rindolf rokoteko: it's like gzip compression/decompression.
rokoteko rindolf: I yet fail to see the point. :(
rindolf Only domain-specific.
rokoteko why?
rindolf And if you have a lot of it it occupies less on the hard disk.
rokoteko Ah. you have like SHITLOADS of XML ?
rindolf It could happen.
rindolf Java...
PerlJam anyone who deals with XML probably has that much ;)
rokoteko Well, disk is pretty cheap.
rindolf I don't have too much XML.
rindolf Well, maybe a lot of XHTML.
rokoteko I was just curious about rindolf's use case.
rokoteko I was afraid that he was storing some binary data in XML. :)
mst I think he was just experimenting with technology
rindolf Yes, I probably have more disk wasted on .mp3's and .flv's.
rindolf rokoteko: I have some interest in compression methods.
rindolf rokoteko: back from high school.
rokoteko rindolf: :)
Su-Shee if you're the company who's transferring 120 years of documents of a car company into something flexible - THEN you have a shitload of XML.
rindolf There have been some recent advancements.
rokoteko So just out of curiousity, that's fine with me. :) Im just nosy sometimes.
rindolf rokoteko: I think the wikipedia XML dump is pretty large.
mst I find it's usually safe to assume that whatver rindolf's doing, there isn't a good reason for it.
rindolf rokoteko: there was some stuff about processing it quickly using Perl, etc.
rindolf mst: :-)
rindolf mst++ # Nice burn.
Su-Shee popcorn anyone? ;)
rindolf mst: but it has a huge grain of truth in it I admit.
rindolf Su-Shee: microwave popcorn?
Su-Shee I don't have a microwave and I was being sarcastic...
Su-Shee I need a smiley for that.
rindolf Su-Shee: ah.
Su-Shee rindolf-shaped, obviously.
rindolf Su-Shee: yes, I was playing along.
petn-randall why not an XML-conform </sarcasm> ?
* rindolf prepares some popcorn and shares it with Su-Shee using the Popcorn-over-IRC protocol.
DrForr What's this about burnt popcorn?
rindolf Popcorn-over-IRC also preserves the butter taste.
burnedcelery you're getting my keyboard all greasy
apeiron ew, butter
rindolf And it also supports multicasting popcorn.
PerlJam butter++
PerlJam though not so much butter that it makest he popcorn soggy. I hate that.
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