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Which Prefix do You Want Today?

mMish hi rind
rindolf Hi mMish
rindolf mMish: now you're mMish ?
rindolf mMish: are you eMish, oMish, aMish , etc?
mMish yes
rindolf mMish: ah, nice.
mMish depends on the mood
rindolf GumbyBRAIN: how many nicks must a one IRCer have?
GumbyBRAIN Oh, i lie, now it's stuck on posting things to do it. You said you couldn't have one of many.
rindolf mMish: ah OK.
rindolf xMish
rindolf iMish
rindolf zMish
rindolf Like the IBM computers.
rindolf pMish
mMish ppszMish <--- HUngarian
rindolf mMish: LOL.
rindolf lpstrMish
dazjorz is lpstr a function?
dazjorz get_magic_quotes_gpcMish
rindolf dazjorz: no, Long Pointer to string.
dazjorz PHP++ :')
rindolf dazjorz: why?
rindolf perlbot: karma PHP
perlbot Karma for PHP: -147
LeoNerd It takes some nerve to say "PHP++" in #perl :P
dazjorz rindolf: because they have get_magic_quotes_gpc!
dazjorz don't we all love get_magic_quotes_gpc!
rindolf dazjorz: oh.
dazjorz it's a function
rindolf dazjorz: love, hate - what's the difference.
rindolf dazjorz: that does what?
dazjorz to get the value of magic_quotes_gpc in the config file.
rindolf dazjorz: ah.
dazjorz so they have get_magic_quotes_gpc for get_ini('magic_quotes_gpc')
rindolf dazjorz: LOL.
dazjorz plus, there's the magic_quotes_gpc to escape all input a script gets via POST, GET and COOKIE.
rindolf dazjorz: yes, sounds Evil.
rindolf Just use placeholders.
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