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Worst Perl Programmer in the World

papertigers is there just a way of importing the global variables in the module from the main script?
anno no
nadim yes
rindolf anno: you can using Exporter
anno depends
nadim but I hope no one will teach you
rindolf nadim: sorry. :-(
anno from the main script?
nadim for what?
rindolf nadim: about the Exporter.
nadim bad boy!
tm604 papertigers: yes. but definitely don't do this: { no strict 'refs'; *{"main::$_"} = sub () { $constant{$_} } foreach keys %constant; }
rindolf nadim: :-(
rindolf papertigers: please design a good API using subroutines and objects.
nadim OK I get it you are all working towards the same goal. making the worst perl developer in the universe
rindolf nadim: yes, someone has to outcompete me.
Khisanth that would be hard
rindolf nadim: I'm tired of being the worst Perl hacker for 5 years straight.
simcop2387 heh
rindolf nadim: it's not easy.
nadim .me hands the black camel to rindolf
rindolf nadim: it involves many commitments.
nadim rindolf: lol, true
Khisanth but at least it explains all the advice you have been giving
nadim hehe
rindolf Khisanth: true. :-)
rindolf LOL.
simcop2387 rindolf: i dunno if anyone actually read the code to Language::Farnsworth they might think otherwise
Khisanth and I am not joking
nadim http://search.cpan.org/dist/Lingua-tlhInganHol-yIghun/ all!
nadim rindolf: when you can program perl like that it will be a good day to die
rindolf nadim: Klingon?
nadim right
simcop2387 nadim++
rindolf nadim: heh, nice.
squeeks klingon? http://search.cpan.org/~jwalt/Acme-Lingua-NIGERIAN-1.0.0/NIGERIAN.pm blah.
shorten squeeks's url is at http://xrl.us/bhg9bo
rindolf nadim: I'll recommend it to someone so he can outcompete me.
* rindolf rubs his hands with an evil grin on his face.
Khisanth nadim: that doesn't seem to be using the correct font
nadim the module is impressing (Damian is no joke) even the documentation is great
rindolf nadim: we've got a plan!
* nadim hides
* mst dearly loves Damian's code
mst but I really do wish it was all in the Acme:: namespace where it belongs
rindolf mst: heh.
nadim I like his API's. very difficult to find something that is not complete and well thought
rindolf nadim: yes, but he tends to neglect them and then they accumulate bugs.
nadim I could list ten other names here
nadim Ingy!
rindolf nadim: heh.
nadim oops, I tried not to :)
mst nadim: IO::All
mst nadim: not *everything* ingy writes needs to be Acme
mst though, yes, quite a bit of it :D
nadim mst: I didn't mean acme. I think Ingy has a lot of great ideas.
mst oh, you're talking about maintainership
nadim yes
mst yeah, why do you think I got so good at giving my modules away?
nadim what's your secret?
tm604 ingy was responsible for jemplate, I think - still one of my favourites.
mst nadim: first you give 'em commit bits, then you give 'em co-maint, then when they're not looking you make a run for it.
* nadim makes a mental note
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