Subversion Fortune Cookies


These are fortune cookies related to the Subversion version control system.

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The Fortunes Themselves

A typical day on #svn, the Subversion channel


rindolf sussman: I get a " " instead of "!"
sussman !!
sussman for the parent directory?
* sussman banishes libsvn_wc into the underworld
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

The Subversion developers acting like children on #svn


kfogel heh
kfogel sussman just filed a dup, sussman just filed a dup, sussman just fi
* epg points and laughs at sussman
kfogel everyone: point and laugh at sussman
* kfogel hears the raucous, hyena-like sound of #svn laughing at sussman
* sussman crumbles
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Writing a Bitkeeper Replacement


Writing a BitKeeper replacement is probably easier at this point than getting its license changed.

Matt Mackall on #offtopic.

P.S: Matt Mackall has eventually projected Mercurial, which is a version control system, and an alternative to BitKeeper.

Author Matt Mackal

Internal Microsoft Code


Sometimes I think Microsoft has more internal code than code it sells to the outside.

Shlomi Fish

Author Shlomi Fish

Subversion: Contributing Member


Great. Just Great. I wanted to remain a lazy leech, just using the selfless work others have done on subversion for my own personal advantage. The problem is, as soon as I read HACKING and learn how to submit a patch and begin by contributing something as tiny as a FAQ fix, I'll be hooked, and I'll start to become a contributing member of society. Next, I'm afraid I'll want to tackle a bite-sized task and help fix bugs and develop the product. (You guys are so sneaky!!) :-)

(“Sorry, Honey. Can you take care of that? I have to submit another svn patch…”)

Steve Dwire on the Subversion Development List

Author Steve Dwire
Work Post to svn-dev

What happened to Christopher Michael Pilato?


What happened to Christopher Michael Pilato?
Is he gone?
Is he gone for good?
Is he gone for better?
Is he gone for best?
Is he gone forever?
Will he return?
Who is Christopher Michael Pilato, anyway?

Shlomi Fish

Author Shlomi Fish
Work Adapted from an IRC Monologue

Discussing the Subversion Build System in #svn.


rindolf sussman: for the record, I think the build system is the ultimate proof that python code can be as bad as Perl one.
* clkao giggles
jackr hehe
* rindolf hopes he's not starting a flamewar
clkao btw, freebsd svn port maintainer was complaining about unable to do --with-swig specifying only perl or pythong bindings to build..
* cmpilato notes that the topic of this channel is Subversion.
clkao (so he refused to include the option for building either bindings in the port!)
rindolf I once saw a perl5 code written in perl4 style. Now that was hideous.
fitz complicated != bad
fitz "Building is complicated--that's why build systems are complicated." --kfogel
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Python vs. Perl on #svn


rindolf Is gstein the person to blame for the anti-Perl FUD on
sussman yes.
cmpilato likely. . . .
ghudson Subversion used to be this amazing nest of anti-perl people. That's calmed down a bit... largely because Greg Stein has been distracted. :)
rindolf I personally am a Perl guy who despises Python, but can still tolerate the Subversion tests because they are actually shell scripts in disguise.
* jackr thinks there are other Python-loving Perl haters around
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

#svn - Faster Checkouts


sussman wow.
sussman so 0.33 is gonna have way faster checkouts/updates in both network layers.
sussman that's fantastic.
josander how is this compared to http, svn-ssh and cvs: svn co floppy:// ? Have anyome measured this?
ghudson floppy://?
sussman hehehe
josander yes, the floppy network. -:)
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

#svn while releasing svn 0.34


sussman rollin rollin rollin
sussman keep that tarball rollin
plasmabal o/~ roll roll roll the ball o/~
plasmabal o/~ gently down the stream o/~
sussman roll the plasma ball?
* plasmabal roll~~~ #svn
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

kfogel is Paranoid on #svn


kfogel ghudson: there was a three hour difference, so people would have noticed the warnings
kfogel but yes, that's the only dfiference
kfogel i.e., you could theoretically test with the current test tarball
ghudson Yeah, not important for my purposes, is what I meant.
* kfogel is super paranoid and prefers testing of the real tarball, but has retained just enough sanity to know that this is paranoia...
kfogel "Why, what could *possibly* go wrong?"
* fitz watches kfogel's hair spontaneously combust
kfogel arrrrgh
CIA kfogel committed revision 7737: * CHANGES: Mention APR req upgrade for 0.33.
* rooneg wonders how kfogel will deal with having burning hair...
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

#svn - Red Hat 9


sussman ghudson: what OS did you compile the tarball on?
ghudson Red Hat 9.
sussman me too, hm.
* sussman wishes he were still using freebsd, for diversity's sake
* fitz wishes sussman were a chocolate cake
fitz mmmm... cake...
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

#svn - Commit Thuds


rooneg weird, mine and jack's come out way too fast with this player... but the others all work fine.
rooneg and after hearing them all, i have two thinigs to say: first, it must be really amusing hearing that stuff randomly throughout the day in the office, and two, cmike spent far too long on his ;-)
sussman rooneg: yours and jack's got corrupted
sussman cmpilato goofed when converting from mp3 to ogg
sussman he's gonna fix it, tho
rooneg cool
* rooneg considers filing a critical issue about the problem ;-)
sussman heh
rooneg obviously this will block any 1.0 release
sussman indeed.
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Swedish Chef on #svn


mbk bork bork bork
sabor svn mv mbk "swedish chef"
breser ROFL
mbk svn revert
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Petting stuff on #svn


CIA sussman committed revision 6517: A minimal C client app, for demonstration purposes. Now we can point
* sussman pets CIA again
* rindolf pets sussman again
sussman eep
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

What CIA Watches on #svn


kfogel rindolf: CIA watches much more than just Subversion. Google on it (uh, include the word "commit" too I guess), the details are quite interesting.
fitz it's currently watching kfogel's houseplants
kfogel rindolf: If you don't know Fitz, you'll probably assume he's joking.
sussman go into #commits
sussman you can see all the CIA commits for different opensource projects
kfogel ...which is to say, all the commits.
kfogel muwah-ha-hah-hah-haaaaah
* fitz hides
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

A typical day at #svn (the Subversion channel)


* rindolf is compiling the Mozilla 1.6 RPM now
* dsp whispers, "Firebird"
* sussman whispers, "Galeon"
* theoddbot whispers "Safari"
sussman Ah, Linux. Have it Your Way.
* rindolf wonders why so many people are whispering
sussman shhhhh!
* rindolf shouts "Stop the whispering insanity!"
* theoddbot whispers "Whats up with that rindolf guy ?"
* sussman says, "when did we all get trapped in a MUD"?
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Huge Repository on #svn - the Subversion channel.


jackr clkao: I have a 1.25Tb CVS repo that I'm afraid they'll ask me to convert
sussman fear!
jackr ... and loathing!
clkao you must! since you're @collab
clkao heh
sussman indeed.
jackr It would probably go into several SVN repos (there are no boundaries inside CVS, so it's not necessarily 1::1). But individual pieces are often much bigger than 10.5g
sussman fear, indeed.
* sussman covers his eyes, ears, and mouth.
sussman "there's no problem here"
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

A not-so-typical day at #svn.


rindolf Hmmmppf... sussman is not here?
rindolf What is #svn without sussman?
rindolf It's like a cat without a mustache!
dionisos :-)
fitz heh
dionisos maybe we need a stand-in-sussman..!
rindolf dionisos: a sussman-bot
dionisos yea. working on *that* though...
* dionisos is now known as sussman-temp
→sussman has joined #svn
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to sussman
rindolf sussman-temp: oops!
* sussman-temp is now known as dionisos
rindolf hi sussman
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Murder and Mayhem at #svn - The Subversion Channel.


* rindolf feels a desire for mayhem and murder of the Subversion developers
darix rindolf: don't do this!
darix we still need them
rindolf darix: heh heh right.
rindolf Of course, I am a Subversion developer, too.
* darix gives rindolf a sword
darix do harakiri then ... that keeps us enough other devs ;p
darix and you killed at least one of them ;)
* rindolf feels a desire for mayhem and murder of darix
* rindolf takes darix' sword and uses it to stab darix
DigiGuy YAY!
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

All alone on #svn - The Subversion Channel.


rindolf Hi all
rindolf sussman: here?
rindolf kfogel: here?
rindolf fitz: here?
rindolf Am I alone in the world?
rindolf Have everyone abandoned me?
rindolf Why doesn't anybody answer?
* rindolf starts to cry
sussman here
* rindolf stops crying
* rindolf hugs sussman
* rindolf whispers to him "I'm so glad you're back"
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

"If only SVN were Arch" on #svn - The Subversion Channel.


rindolf Oh! Subversion, Subversion! If only you were Arch!
* sussman hands svk to rindolf
* rindolf whispers "Or BitKeeper!" and runs.
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

"Real IDE" on #svn - The Subversion Channel.


sussman you need to use gdb in a real IDE, like emacs, or ddd.
sussman something that shows a pointer moving down your code.
rindolf sussman: IDEs are for wimps... ;-)
rindolf Seriously, sometimes invoking gdb is very quick and I'm accustomed to it.
rindolf ddd is quite on the heavy side.
rindolf "Programming happens in the mind, not in the IDE" --- Gil'ad Ben-Yossef
rindolf So does debugging.
sussman sure.
sussman why would you possibly want to see all your code at once?
sussman it's much easier to see single lines printed out and try to remember what the function looks like. :-)
rindolf ed, anyone? ;-)
rindolf "I wanna use ex and I wanna use vee (=vi). Ed is dead, ed is dead, baby!"
sussman "Ed is for people who can *remember* what they're working on."
* jackr remembers when he could remember what he was working on. Sometimes.
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Bot playing at #svn - the Subversion Channel.


sussman ayita: learn ayita=ayita?
ayita I'll try to remember 'ayita?' about 'ayita'.
sussman ayita?
ayita ayita?
sussman no infinite loop, unfortunately.
dionisos lol :-)
rindolf subversion?
ayita subversion is a Next-Generation Open Source Version Control System (with a space at the beginning)
dionisos sander tried her to get to leave when she first came in :-)
dionisos giving here some \n string
rindolf ayita: learn subversion=subversion is a Next-Generation Open Source Version Control System
ayita rindolf: you're not authorised to tell me that.
* rindolf kills dionisos
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

"Write an Info-bot" on #svn - The Subversion Channel.


rindolf What should I do now? Use printf's?
rindolf Talking about retro.
dionisos no. write an info-bot.
rindolf a gdb info-bot?
dionisos sure.
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Physical violence at #svn - The Subversion Channel.


rindolf How can I best install Subversion on a Debian Stable system?
breser rindolf: Presumably with apt.
rindolf breser: subversion is not present in Debian Stable, and installing it from testing or unstable may require upgrading half if not more of the system.
rindolf And I know what apt is.
* rindolf kicks breser so he won't give obvious but useless answers like Microsoft support persons.
* breser kicks rindolf so he won't ask vague questions that result in obvious but useless responses when he already knows the obvious but useless response is the obvious response to give.
* rindolf kicks breser for no reason at all.
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Looking for sussman, at #svn, the Subversion Channel.


rindolf sussman's been idle for 15 minutes.
rindolf And I need to talk to him.
rindolf sussman, oh sussman! Where art thou, sussman?
rindolf Or is it "wherefore"?
arild_f The shakespearian version is "wherefore", IIRC
rindolf Where have all the sussmans gone? (Long time passing)
rindolf Where have all the sussmans gone? (Long time ago)
rindolf Where have all the sussmans gone? They've been idle, everyone.
rindolf When will they ever learn?
rindolf When will they ever learn?
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Discussing the beauties of men adopting their wife's maiden name on on #svn - The sussman^W Subversion channel.


rindolf sussman: people mock your name (= Ben Collins-Sussman) here:
rindolf sussman: and it's the only comments I got regarding the interview except for kfogel's
sussman rindolf: I replied.
rindolf sussman: reloading
rindolf sussman: 220$ for a last name change? Holy virgin mother of god!
sussman why?
rindolf sussman: but if you were Ben Collins, people would have confused you with BenC. And no-one will understand who "sussman" is.
rindolf sussman: $220 is a lot of money, especially in Israel.
sussman Horrible sexist discrimination, really. I had to pay $400 and swear in front of a judge, to get my name changed.
sussman My wife had to do nothing. She just showed her marriage license, and instantly got a new ID.
rindolf sussman: another fortune cookie coming right up.
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

#svn's tribute to "Finding Nemo"


darix oooooooooooooooooooooh noooooooooooooo
rindolf darix: what's wrong?
rindolf What's wrooooooooooooooooooooooooooong
darix rindolf: sussman is gone.
rindolf I can speak whale.
rindolf Caaaaaaaaaan yoooooooouuuuuuu speaaaaaaaakkkkkkkk whaaaaaaaaaaaale?
edmund ha ha
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Baby talk at FreeNode's #svn, the Subversion Channel.


rindolf sussman: have your wife and you decided what your newborn is going to be called?
DannyB "Baby Sussman"
PerlJam Sussbaby
DannyB Sussman 2.0
PerlJam minisuss
DannyB Suss SFF
rindolf 5|_|55m/-\n
DannyB Sussman baby edition
Rytmis_ Ben Mini?
rindolf Will he have a last name of Collins-Sussman as well, or just Sussman?
PerlJam rindolf: he may have a completely different last name! Why limit the selection so? ;)
sussman heh
sussman no names yet
sussman yes, twill be collins-sussman
rindolf Collman or Susslis.
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

PEBKAC - Freenode #svn - The Subversion channel.


rindolf Success!!!
rindolf I discovered another copy-and-paste-bug and now everything is working. In Perl.
rindolf Problem between the keyboard and the chair.
Rytmis The most common sort
rindolf _My_ keyboard and chair.
Rytmis I stand by my statement *grin*
rindolf That's the problem with starting from a code that does things differently, and does more.
rindolf It's a good thing I wrote this test case.
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

"Who killed ayita?" on Freenode #svn, The Subversion Channel.


rindolf ayita: kfogel interview is
ayita Thanks!
rindolf ayita: good girl.
rindolf ayita: kfogel interview?
rindolf ayita: kfogel interview?
* Dave` smells ayita timing out
darix ayita: index kfogel.*
darix you killed her it seems
rindolf darix: LOL
davidjames It's not nice to hurt people
Dave` Oh my god, they killed ayita!
sussman hiiiiiiiiiidey ho!
* rindolf quickly finds someone else to blame.
rindolf a scape-goat!
rindolf sussman: you'll be the ideal scape-goat for the murder of ayita.
sussman I think you'de be good at the 'werewolf' game
rindolf "You know it would be the easiest thing to blame it on Nanny."
rindolf "Let's do it then."
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Freenode #svn's Quest for the Holy Grail


rindolf sussman: don't say the BK-word...
clkao dude, no one mentioned bk until you did
rindolf clkao: <sussman> just like most of the decentralized SCMs, like arch, bitkeeper, etc.
rindolf "We are the knights who say "BitKeeper"."
danderson "We are NO LONGER the knights who say "BitKeeper". We are the knights who say "git git git cogito Linus!".
rindolf danderson: "Subversion!". "Bleh, that's one word that the knights who say "git git git cogito Linus!" cannot hear."
rindolf "What is your name?" "What is your quest?" "What is the asymptotic complexity of the Subversion delta algorithm."
rindolf "Which one? vdelta or xdelta?"
danderson what do you mean, xdelta or vdelta?
rindolf "I don't know!"
* rindolf falls into the chasm
danderson "How come you know so much about delta algorithms? - Well, you have to know these things when you're a commiter."
Channel #svn
Network Freenode

Versioning 3-D Objects



a friend of mine runs a small restaurant and wants to professionalize his IT. Our idea was to store everything in subversion (we use Debian with svn 1.3). We had absolutely no problems with the 2D objects, converting recipes to ASCII and storing them was peanuts. However the 3D objects are giving us a headache - the forks and knifes are stuck in the keyboard, we even destroyed a floppy drive trying to read an apple.

Any ideas how we can still use SVN to store everything?

Konrad Rosenbaum on the Subversion Users' mailing list
1 April 2006

Author Konrad Rosenbaum
Work Post to svn-users on 1 April 2006

Slashdot Comment about Subversion vs. Git


Linus isn't saying that CVS and Subversion have fixable bugs or missing features. It's not about the code.

He is saying that they solve the wrong problem. The Subversion team wants to solve Problem A, and Linus wants to solve Problem B. No amount of code will turn the solution to Problem A into a solution for Problem B. Bothering the Subversion team with code addressing Problem B will only irritate them, since they're working on Problem A.

The right way to handle differing goals is to start a different project. That's what he did.

Don't be confused by the labels. Source Code Management means different things to different people, and there isn't always much overlap in how each person defines it. Ships and airplanes are both 'vehicles', but that doesn't mean that a few changes will turn one to the other.

Author zzatz
Work Slashdot Comment

Subversion: Linus and Keywords Substitution


Regarding keyword substituion: It turns out that Linus thinks it's a
horrible idea:

His argument is that it may destroy binary files.

This is bogus since keyword-substitution is *off* by default. It will occur only for files that were explicitly marked for substitution. For example in subversion:

svn propset svn:keywords "Id Author Revision" *.h *.c

As a substitute (pun intended) for the lack in this feature he gives a hand crafted, build system dependent, manual (i.e: error prone) method.

What a lame excuse.

Author Oron Peled
Work Post to the Haifa Linux Club mailing list

Dazjorz on bzr


bzr is slower than Subversion in combination with Sourceforge.

Dazjorz (17-September-2009)

Author Dazjorz
Work Chat with Shlomi Fish

sussman on git #1


Computer Scientists love git, not just because it comes first alphabetically, but because it's stupid. Everyone else loves git because it's GIT!

"Git is the stupid content tracker."

And git doesn't waste space on my Newton MessagePad. Just look:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root 24 Oct 29 2009 /bin/git
-rwxr-xr-t 4 root 1310720 Jan 1 2005 /usr/bin/hg
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root 5.89824e37 Oct 22 2001 /usr/local/subversion/bin/svn

Of course, on the system *I* administrate, hg is symlinked to git. svn has been replaced by a shell script which 1) Generates a syslog message at level LOG_EMERG; 2) reduces the user's disk quota by 10GB; and 3) RUNS GIT!!!!!!

"Git is the stupid content tracker."

Author Ben Collins-Sussman
Work Git, man! man git

sussman on git #2


"Git is the stupid content tracker."

Git, the greatest WYGIWYG revision control system of all.


When I use a version control system, I don't want eight extra MEGABYTES of worthless HTTP protocol support. I just want to GIT on with my coding! I don't want to subvert away or mercurialize! Those aren't even WORDS!!! GIT! GIT! GIT IS THE STUPID!!!


When Linus, in his ever-present omnipotence, needed to base his patch juggling habits on existing tools, did he mimic svn? No. Hg? Surely you jest. He created the most karmic version tracker of all. The stupid one.

Git is for those who can *remember* what project they are working on. If you are an idiot, you should use subversion. If you are subversive, you should not be mercurial. If you use GIT, you are on THE PATH TO REDEMPTION. THE SO-CALLED "FRIENDLY" SCM SYSTEMS HAVE BEEN PLACED HERE BY GIT TO TEMPT THE FAITHLESS. DO NOT GIVE IN!!! THE MIGHTY LINUS HAS SPOKEN!!!

Author Ben Collins-Sussman
Work Git, man! man git