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IP-Noise Project: Links and Reference Material

Tools we can use for the project

User-mode Linux - a version of the Linux kernel that runs as a standard Linux process. Thus, it can be debugged with gdb, and the system doesn't hang when there's a problem in the kernel code.

Writing an IP firewalling driver in user-mode - I was told that using the Linux' IP Firewalling mechanism it would be possible to write the entire noise simulator in user-mode. Of course, we should write the code so it can also be compiled as a module. However, running the whole thing as user-level will make for an easier debugging.

SGI's kdb - A kernel debugger from SGI that enables setting breakpoints, examining contents and debugging kernel code. Should prove useful at the times when we have to work in kernel-mode.

Private ICE - A system-level symbolic source debugger for Linux, not unlike Soft-ICE for Windows. Should prove useful too.

VMWare - An emulator of an i386 that runs above Linux. We can use it to test experimental kernels without having to reboot constantly. There's a free alternative in the making called Plex86, but it is still not as complete or as usable.

ksymoops - In case OOPS faults do happen (and the kernel debuggers don't trap them) we can use this tool to diagnose them.

Reference Material

Linux-IL's thread on the subject

The Kernel-Newbies IP Networking tutorial - contains a packet filter example.

The Linux Documentation Project - contains some in-depth guides and HOWTOs which may prove useful.

Linux Device Drivers 2nd edition - this book is available online for free, too.

Kernel 2.4 Firewalling

The Netfilter/IP-Tables Homepage - contains the most up-to-date iptables package as well as many documents and stuff for hacking it.

Perl-IPQ - perl bindings for the user-space IP filtering. Good for experiencing.

Filtering Packets in user-space using the QUEUE directive


The Perl Man Pages - can be used for perl learning and reference. However, a-priory knowledge of other programming languages is required.

Perl for Perl Newbies - a lecture series which I gave to the Haifa Linux Club.

Perl Berkeley Yacc - A version of byacc with support for generating perl code.

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