MikMod for Java

Important Note!

There is now a new homepage for MikMod for Java. There is a mailing list, a version control repository and all, which I hope will encourage further development of the codebase.

Please update your bookmarks and hyperlinks.

Original Page

Well, here it is: the long awaited (yeah right) Java port of MikMod. You can download it here.

Right now, the archive contains a JDK 1.0.2 code, which can still compile on versions 1.1.x of the JDK, with some compiler warnings. The “native” sound driver source inside will only compile and work on Linux and v. 1.0.2 of the JDK.

You can find more information about MikMod for Java in the README file.

Like I say there, I would be happy to let another person coordinate and maintain this project instead of me. One thing one should do is port it to Java 2 and to its audio playback subsystem. Maybe one day it would be able to run as an applet without messing with the Java Virtual Machine, but so far it can only run from the command-line.

The main MikMod page is The MikMod and libmikmod Homepage

Some older pages which may still be of interest are:

You can E-mail me at shlomif@shlomifish.org for extra questions or comments.