Lectures given by Shlomi Fish

Table of Contents

Perl for Perl Newbies

A series of lectures that teach Perl for Perl beginners. No knowledge of any other programming language is required, but it will be helpful.

HTML Tutorial (for Standards Compliance)

A Public-Domain HTML Tutorial (currently available only in Hebrew) for how to write standard and semantic HTML.

Web Publishing Using LAMP

A presentation about web publishing using the popular LAMP - Linux, Apache , MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python platform.

Programming Languages

Scheme and Lambda Calculus

A presentation that briefly covers the Scheme programming language and then use it to present the Lambda Calculus: a model for programming, which is a full-fledge programming language with just two primitives.

Haskell for Perl Programmers

A Haskell for Perl Programmers introduction. (part of the Israeli Perl Mongers, Foreign Language Introductions). Perl-specific knowledge is not required and can be substituted by knowledge of a similar programming language.

Various Tools

Do it with the GIMP
a lecture about the GNU Image Manipulation Program, a free Photoshop-like alternative with many powerful features.
The PostgreSQL Database Server
A lecture about the Postgres database server, a free and powerful SQL server for UNIX systems.
Lex and Yacc Mini-Demo
A tool about these two tools for helping to write compilers and interpreters.
The GNU Autotools (Autoconf, Automake and Libtool)
A trio of tools that make writing programs that compile on various UNIX (and Win32) platforms easier.
Web Meta Lecture - a lecture about the Website Meta Language (upcoming lecture)
A tool for generating sophisticated static HTML web-sites.
The Vim Editor for Beginners
Vim stands for Vi-Improved and is a powerful, advanced, customisable, programmable and convenient editor for many systems (including UNIX, Windows, DOS and Mac OS). This presentation introduces it for beginners.

"Welcome to Linux" Lectures

Presentation Material that was prepared as part of the Israeli Welcome to Linux series. Aims to introduce the Linux operating system to beginners.

Presentations about my software Projects

Freecell Solver - Evolution of a C Program

The history of my pet project, Freecell Solver.

Freecell Solver - The Next Presentation

More recent history and development of the project.

Freecell Solver: Project Introduction

An introduction of the project for people who are interested to contribute.


A presentation about LM-Solve, a Logic Mazes Solver. Covers history, technologies, architecture and exotic bugs.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar - an Overview

An overview of Eric Raymond's "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" series which is considered one of the most important works on the Open Source world.

Presentation Tools

Mini Presentations ("Lightning Talks")

Short presentations on various topics.