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9.1. References and Links

General GIMP Links - The GIMP's Homepage. Contains a lot of material and links. - The GIMP Users' Group.

Books about the GIMP - The Gimp User's Manual. A complete book that covers GIMP 1.0.x with some plug-ins that as of then, were not distributed with it. Still Pertinent as it is very detailed and explains a lot of good techniques. - "Grokking the GIMP" by Carey Bunks. This book aims to explain the "10% of the tools that are used 90% of the time." I did not read it thoroughly but it looks very nice. - Xach's GIMP Books List. Lists, Reviews and links to other books, some of them available only in paper.

GIMP Ports - GIMP for "the other" operating system which is sold by a large Redmond-based company. (All right - it's GIMP for Win32). - MacGIMP - Gimp for Mac OS X.

Gimp Development - The Homepage of the Gtk+ Toolkit which is the GUI toolkit used by the GIMP

RFC - The Future of the GIMP - This document explains the purpose of the 1.3.x and 1.9.x branches, and what is the workplan for the next releases of the GIMP. - The GIMP 'E' Graphics Library. A sophisticated image representation C library that will be used as the basis for GIMP 2.0.

Miscellaneous Links

The Lena Image (Yahoo) - contains links to information about the neophyte picture that became a standard in the image processing world.

Written by Shlomi Fish