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9.2. Origins and Copyrights of the Images

The images used for this lecture can be found in this lecture images directory. This page is meant to detail their origins and their copyright notices.


This image is available from this page: - The Lena Story

It is part of a Playboy centerfold and copyrighted by Playboy corporation. The latter, however has given permission to use this particular portion freely for image processing research.

The image there is available in GIF format, but I converted it to PNG.


I found this image here:

It seems to be the colour original of the Grayscale one. Usually, the grayscale one is used for image processing research (probably because scientific journals are usually not printed in colour), but I decided to use the colour version here as well.



These images were found on the image archive of Gimp-Savvy:

It is copyright-free, so you can do with it as you please.


This is a photograph of Gabrielle Anwar, which can be found here:

It looks like it was scanned from a magazine, so it's almost surely copyrighted. However, distribution of copyrighted images on the Internet is so common, that I don't think one has anything to afraid of by using this image. Publishing it is a different story, though.



These images are part of the Propaganda collection of desktop backgrounds.

They are distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which I'm not sure if makes too much sense for images. They were created using the GIMP, but the scripts or the temporary images used to create them are not available as far as I know.

Written by Shlomi Fish