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9.1. References and Links

General GIMP Links The GIMP's Homepage. Contains a lotof material and links. The GIMP Users' Group.

Books about the GIMP The Gimp User's Manual. A complete book that covers GIMP 1.0.x with some plug-ins that as of then, were not distributed with it. Still Pertinent as it is very detailed and explains a lot of good techniques. "Grokking the GIMP" by Carey Bunks. This book aims to explain the "10% of the tools that are used 90% of the time." I did not read it thoroughly but it looks very nice. Xach's GIMP Books List. Lists, Reviews and links to other books, some of them available only in paper.

GIMP Ports GIMP for "the other" operating system which is sold by a large Redmond-based company. (All right - it's GIMP for Win32). MacGIMP - Gimp for Mac OS X.

Gimp Development The Homepage of the Gtk+ Toolkit which is the GUI toolkit used by the GIMP

RFC - The Future of the GIMP- This document explains the purpose of the 1.3.x and 1.9.x branches, and what is the workplan for the next releases of the GIMP. The GIMP 'E' Graphics Library. A sophisticated image representation C library that will be used as the basis for GIMP 2.0.

Miscellaneous Links

The Lena Image (Yahoo)- contains links to information about the neophyte picture that became a standard in the image processing world.

Written by Shlomi Fish