Lecture: Do it with the GIMP

The GIMP is a sophisticated image processing and composition program available for UNIXes and several other platforms (including Win32 and Mac OS X) . The GIMP includes many features attractive to graphics professionals and novices alike, and is up-to-par with commercial offerings such as Adobe Photoshop.

While several entire books were written on the GIMP, this lecture does not aim to be a comprehensive introduction or not even an introduction to the most basic elements. Rather it should give a taste of several things that can be done with this program, and let the user experience further on his or her own.

This lecture has now been updated to GIMP 2.2. The older slides, intended for GIMP 1.2.x are still available, but it is recommended not to use GIMP 1.2 any more.

Lecture’s Material