Web Publishing Using LAMPContent Management SystemsExamples of Server-Installed CMSes

4.1. Examples of Server-Installed CMSes

  1. Slash - Based on Perl, and various Perl technologies. GPLed.
  2. Squishdot for Zope - similar to Slash only based on Zope.
  3. PostNuke - an extensible web-log software written in PHP.
  4. PHPBB - a web-forums management framework.
  5. OpenACS - based on AOLserver, Tcl and PostgreSQL/Oracle (only).
  6. TikiWiki - a Wiki-like CMS system, that provides a lot of functionality.
  7. Bricolage - written in Perl, and based on HTML::Mason, mod_perl with Apache (statically linked) and lots of other dependencies.

Application Servers

  1. Zope - based on Python. An entire , complex architecture.
  2. HTML::Mason and AxKit - both based on Perl.
  3. Midgard - based on PHP.
  4. Enhydra, JBoss - Java.
  5. WebSphere - a Java-based commercial solution from IBM.

Links to Others

There's a Linux Weekly News Article about Open Source CMSes. There's also a list of Open-Source Content Management Systems on the web.

Written by Shlomi Fish