Perl for Perl Newbies

Perl is a useful language for working on Linux and other flavours of UNIX as well as on many other platforms where it is available. Perl is useful for text processing and generation, GUI programming, system administration, programming for the Web, working with databases, and most other things which are not very time sensitive.

The material of these talks (also useful as normal web-based tutorials) aims to give a good introduction to the basic and most important elements of Perl programming. Knowledge of another programming language is recommended, but is not necessary.

If you have any other questions or comments regarding this series, then contact me about them.

Available Material

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Part 1 - the basicsSource
Part 2 - more advanced topicsSource
Part 3 - modules and objectsSource
Part 4 - CPAN, sprintf, system functions, exceptions.Source
Part 5 - good programming practicesSource

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