Interacting with Postgres

* Type "psql [database name]" at the user prompt to enter psql, which is an interactive SQL client for PostgreSQL.

* Inside psql, you can type SQL queries to be executed. Terminate those queries with "\g" or ";". For example:

test=> CREATE TABLE "employees" (
test->         "employee_id" int4 PRIMARY KEY,
test->         "first_name" varchar(20),
test->         "last_name" varchar(30),
test->         "id_number" char(9),
test->         "hired_at" date,
test->         "job_desc" varchar(30),
test->         "birth_date" date,
test->         "education" varchar(20),
test->         "supervisor" int4,
test->         "login" time) \g

* Type "\h" or "\?" to get help.