QuaD-Pres - A Perl-based Tool for PresentationQuad-Pres Features

3. Quad-Pres Features

  1. Can work with Website Meta Language or without it.
  2. Organises the lecture into a hierarchy of sections and subsections.
  3. Generates tables of contents, and navigation links.
  4. Links to a common CSS StyleSheet.
  5. A common HTML header and footer.
  6. Non-WML input is a perfectly valid HTML.
  7. Non-WML slides can be rendered onto a web-server directory, a hard-disk directory or viewed by a dedicated CGI script. WML supports only the first option.
  8. Written in pure Perl and so is very portable.
  9. The generated code is compliant to XHTML 1.0 Strict.

Written by Shlomi Fish