WebMetaLecture - a lecture about Website Meta LanguageExample 4 : Frames-Enabled and Non-Frames-Enabled SitesThe Modified Makefile

8.1. The Modified Makefile

D = dest

TARGETS = $(D)/index.html $(D)/links.html $(D)/download.html
IMAGES = $(D)/style.css $(D)/frames.html

all: $(TARGETS) $(IMAGES) $(D)/navbar-frame.html

# This flag makes sure WML generates XHTML output
WML_FLAGS = --passoption=2,-X

# This flag sets ROOT to be the current directory

$(D)/navbar-frame.html : navbar-frame.html.wml
	wml $(WML_FLAGS) -o $@ $<

$(TARGETS) :: $(D)/% : %.wml template.wml
	wml $(WML_FLAGS) -o UNDEF+NOFRAMES:$@ -o UNDEF+FRAMES:$@.frames.html -DFILENAME="$(notdir $@)" $<

$(IMAGES) :: $(D)/% : %
	cp -f $< $@


From each file we generate two files. One with a regular extension in which the slice NOFRAMES is defined. The other with a .frames.html extension with the slice FRAMES defined.

Written by Shlomi Fish