Presentations Category - Various Tools

These are presentations by Shlomi Fish about various tools.

GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
A presentation about the GIMP - a powerful and capable image manipulation program for UNIX, Windows and Mac OS X.
The PostgresSQL Database Server
An old presentation about the PostgreSQL database server.
Lex and Yacc
A presentation about Lex - an embeddable tokeniser, and Yacc (“Yet Another Compiler’s Compiler”) - a useful parser generator. Demonstrated using the Perl ports of these tools.
The GNU Autotools - Autoconf, Automake and Libtool
A presentation about the GNU Autotools - tools for portably building a program across UNIX systems and Microsoft Windows.
Web Meta Lecture - a Presentation about Website Meta Language
Website Meta Language is a powerful preprocessor for HTML generation.
The Vim Editor for Beginners
Vim stands for Vi-Improved and is a powerful, advanced, customisable, programmable and convenient editor for many systems (including UNIX, Windows, DOS and Mac OS). This presentation introduces it for beginners.
Vim Tips and Tricks Session
A session of tips and tricks held on the Tel Aviv Open Source Club.

Tools for Preparing Slides for Presentations

Some meta-presentations about presentation tools.