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You can find my blogs here, either on technical subjects or otherwise.

The Weblogs

“Unarmed but still Dangerous”

“Changing the world. One post at a time.” - essays, articles and stories about applied philosophy from the perspective of a creative open source and open content enthusiast.

Main Weblog at LiveJournal

My main weblog of various odds and ends. I’m trying that it won’t be one of these boring personal blog, but rather one that contains either philosophical insights, or otherwise personal events that I think are of interest to the public and provide some insights. It includes some political thoughts of mine, which I hope are insightful.

I used to maintain this blog on Advogato, and for some time cross-posted entries to both blogs, but no longer do. The Advogato blog contains many older entries, though.

shlomif-tech - My Technical Blog

Blog dedicated to more technical (computers, software, etc.) matters. Blog

A newer (and active) blog about Perl on the web-site.

“use Perl;” Weblog

A defunct weblog dedicated to my Perl activities or thoughts (on the defunct “use Perl;” site).

My Hebrew blog

A weblog in Hebrew, dedicated to Open Source Community Activities or Advocacy.

This Homesite’s Journal

A LiveJournal journal where I log what’s new on this homesite. It’s also syndicated on the front page of the site. Comments can be posted or read there.

“Solving Freecell and Other Games”

A blog about Freecell Solver (fc-solve) and related topics.

A stream of Links I’m posting to (a social bookmarking service).

I used to post these links to a similar stream in Simpy but no longer do, because their RSS feeds were non-valid, which made it a problem to process them.

Flickr Pictures

A stream of pictures I’m posting to Flickr.

Unix-like Fortune Cookies Collection

As I add more and more fortunes to my fortune cookies collection, I’m uploading them to my site, and rendering them into various formats from their XML source. They also have their own web-feeds for subscribing using a web-feed aggregator.

Aggregated Feeds

I’m providing several aggregated feeds, that combine the items from more than one of these feeds:

  1. All Feeds (including the Flickr photos)
  2. All textual blogs (excluding Flickr)
  3. All Mostly English Blogs (also excluding Flickr)
  4. My Technical Blogs - the “” blog and “shlomif-tech”.
  5. My Perl-related posts - posts about the Perl programming language.

If you’re interested in different ways to mix-and-match such feeds look at:

  1. XML-Feed - a Perl-based CPAN module to mix, match and manipulate feeds of various formats.
  2. Yahoo Pipes - an online application with a web-interface.

“Planets” on which I am Syndicated

  • Advogato - the free software developer’s advocate.
  • Perlsphere - The “Web’s biggest collection of Perl blogs”.
  • Planet Perl Iron Man - a competition for Perl bloggers to routinely blog about Perl.
  • Planet FOSS-IL - a Planet of Israeli free and open source software-related posts.
  • Planet Former Advogato - where you can find the blogs of bloggers who moved their blogs away from Advogato.
  • Hamakor Blogs - All blog posts, including off-topic posts by Israeli open source enthusiasts.