Shlomi Fish’s Résumé

Fields of Expertise

Programming Languages:

C (since 1992, active use and good knowledge), Perl (since 1996, active use and excellent knowledge), C++ (since 1992, a lot of experience but incomplete knowledge), Bourne Shell/Bash (since 1996, good knowledge and good mastery), Python (since about 2002 - good knowledge but incomplete experience), JavaScript (since 1996 - not a lot of experience)

Studied out of interest: Basic, Object Pascal, Scheme, Matlab, Common Lisp, Haskell, Prolog.

Functional Knowledge: Java, Ruby, Lua, PHP.

Operating Systems:UNIX (Linux, FreeBSD, others), Windows 95/98, Windows 3.11, DOS, Windows XP.
Databases:SQL, Delphi, ODBC, MS-Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.
Internet Related:HTML, XHTML, CGI programming, JavaScript, TCP/IP Sockets, Website Meta Language, Apache, CGI::Application, Catalyst (Web-development framework for Perl), jQuery.
XML Technologies:XML, DTD, RELAX NG, XPath, DOM, XSLT.
Various Programs:Word, Excel, WordPerfect, Corel-Draw, The GIMP, LaTeX, DocBook/XML,, Inkscape.
Development Tools:Autoconf/Automake/Libtool, CVS, Subversion, Vim, CMake, git, Mercurial (hg).

Contact Details

Shlomi Fish
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