Shlomi Fish’s Résumé as a Writer and Entertainer

Shlomi Fish (a.k.a “Rindolf” or “Shlomif”)

The Little Red Riding Hood of Messiahs

The Hacker King of the “Web 2.0” / “Open-content” Revolution (~2000-2014)

  1. Kicked the ass of the National Security Agency (NSA), which had a budget in the 100s of millions of dollars, by using a home computer and an Internet connection, and by writing some factoids ( and a fictional screenplay (

    Was done entirely non-violently and non-destructively - Saladin-style.

  2. Projected the New Age, a scary, but incredibly exciting, period full of pluralism, opportunities, competence, creativity, and happiness and joy, where everyone is more empowered except for the cynics.

  3. Proved to the world that there’s a very strong and positive correlation between competence and value production, and between sexual attractiveness (and may all cynical feminists and religious purists die!).

  4. Showed that it is possible for a man or a woman to be socially capable, sexually assertive, and competent, strong, and sexy, avoiding the Buffyesque social dichotomy.

  5. Modernised both The Fountainhead (“The One with the Fountainhead”) and Atlas Shrugged (see Summerschool at the NSA above) bringing Ayn Rand’s books into the 21st century.