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About “Rindolf” - Shlomi Fish’s Nickname

“Rindolf” - Shlomi Fish’s Nickname

I, Shlomi Fish, have decided to allow people on and off IRC (= Internet Relay Chat) to call me “Rindolf”, due to the fact that some non-Hebrew inclined people have problems with my private name - “Shlomi”. Some common pet names for Rindolf include “Rin”, “Rinny”, “Rindy”, “Rinfold”, etc.

Rindolf the Dwarven Warrior

Rindolf was a dwarven warrior that I played in an AD&D 2nd edition session. I came up with this name as appropriate for a dwarf probably out of thinking of other common Germanic names such as Randolph (literally Shield+Wolf) or Rudolph (literally famous wolf), and it had a nice ring to it. Rindolf ended up becoming my young favourite tabletop Role playing games character of all time, but then ended up dying in a battle with a Doppleganger, in what was the Broken Shaft’s Adventuring Company best adventure (but a deadly one), in part due to a misunderstanding between him and the game master. This death proved to be a big shock on me (= Shlomi), and part of me felt guilty about the death of my character which I felt was not real enough to warrant grieving on. I was wrong.

Later on, after first using the nickname “dori” and then switching to “gloin” (= two of the Dwarves from Tolkien’s The Hobbit) I settled on “rindolf”, which I felt was the most original nickname, and part of my individuality.

Rindolf the Evil Reindeer

After I started talking intensively on IRC at around 2003 and 2004 (especially on the Freenode network, which I can still recommend) a few people teased me for being one of Santa Claus’s red-nosed reindeer or his “reingeek” or whatever (probably by reference to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and his oft-cited brother “Randolph”). At first, I found it annoying, but after a while decided to take it to my advantage.

As a result, the new Rindolf has become the Evil twin brother of Rudolph and Randolph, the goody-two-shoes Santa’s reindeer, who are among his arch-enemies. He is also one of the cornerstones of the Evil Reindeer Evil World Domination Evil Conspiracy, which is aimed to spread Evil in general and Reindeer Evil in particular around the world.

Some of Rindolf the Evil Reindeer’s appearances on IRC include:

  1. “Reindeer, Tomatoes and Nicks”

  2. “The Ultimate ##programming Showdown”

  3. “What kind of animal is Zuu?”

Rindolf “Aim Very High” Hitlower

Not only is Rindolf an evil Reindeer but he is the notorious insane tyrant and mass-murderer, Rindolf “Aim Very High” Hitlower. As you may have guessed, people said that my nickname “Rindolf” reminded them of “Adolf Hitler”, and even though I was offended by it for a long time, I eventually decided to take it to my advantage too. Recently (Late June, 2014) I’ve told people that I decided that in my personal and professional life, I will aim very high in the hope that I will hit the aim or perhaps a little lower, and so settled on this nickname.

I concluded that I was the Warrior King or the “Qoheleth” between roughly 2001 and up-to-and-until the publication of the informal screenplay “Summerschool at the NSA”. At that point one of my “Galateas”, the lovely and real-life Summer Glau, was an apple who completely supplanted the tree (rough quote from the screenplay). I realised that she likely wants to be the warrior queen even more badly than I have throughout all the years I was the warrior king of the world. The warrior monarch is also known as “The Best of the Best of the Best” to paraphrase on the excellent film Men in Black. Despite whatever faults she or I had, we are both full of awesomeness.

Meanwhile, I’m glad I’m no longer playing The Invisible who is arguably the worst kind of warrior king, and plan on becoming the Alpha male, and won’t stop until or even after I appear on the cover of People magazine with the caption “Sexiest man alive”. This, in turn, is inspired a lot from the wonderful film Richie Rich, which echoes the fact that the main actor in the film, Macaulay Culkin was the alpha male at the time, despite his youth.

At age 37 (I am 1977 born), I feel younger than ever, more and more enlightened, and with a huge burden of my chest, and can approach many years of wonder, fame, fortune, and especially - love, strength, sexiness, pluralism, joy and happiness. I hope I can meet Summer Glau at the upcoming Nine world conference or wherever and formally pass the baton. It will be officially passed in the form of a “ring”: a plain brown ten-sided role-playing game die, which I carry in the pencial case in my backpack, and which one of my friends at the time once said I could take it and keep it. Now Summer will decide what to do with it. I was the warrior king and it was a great honour, but I guess - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, and if asked I would have known this day would come.

In the meanwhile: Summer Glau jehovah Qoheleth. So let me say: Carpe diem, motherfucker!!! Do you speak it?! Hackers of the world - unite!!


Rindolfism is my own personal philosophy and idea system, based on many influences - both more “serious” ones such as Ayn Rand’s Objectivism (I am not a “Randian” mind you, which I no longer find usable in this day and age), Judaism (the philosophy, culture, and idea system, of the Jewish people, which is much more than just a religion), and the open source/ open content movements - as well as things that don’t take themselves as seriously as that such as the Star Trek franchise, the film The Princess Bride, the Friends television show, the Buffy franchise, and the Greek mythology. These are just some of the major influences on Rindolfism, but there are many, many more.

Moreover, Rindolfism is not static - it is dynamic and constantly evolving. Since an early age, I have committed myself to be an idealist. However, my idealism has constantly changed, and my idealism today is very different than it was even a year ago, which in turn is different than it was two years ago, etc. . Furthermore, as great philosophy is (including my own original or mostly original philosophy), it just provides general guidelines for behaviour, and a man or a woman eventually should know to use reason and judgement in leading his life. Making a bad decision and performing a wrong action, is often better than not doing anything at all.

Finally, Rindolfism does not need fans and followers as much as it needs people who will either:

  1. Criticise it.

  2. Build upon it - including mix and match it with other things.

  3. Suggest improvements.

  4. Try to compete with it.

I am also not planning to write a complete summary of Rindolfism any time soon, because like I said, it is constantly evolving, and because I don't see the point. If interested, you can read my essays (some of which are somewhat outdated), my works of humour and fiction (which are arguably both more serious, and not as funny as my essays), the posts on my blogs, my Twitter feed, and other Internet social media outlets where I have posted stuff.

For some attempts at codifying Rindolfism see:


  • Rindolf the Dwarf’s cry of achievement was “Me, Rindolf!” which is now also reflected in the URL of this page - /me/rindolf.

  • Rindolf the Dwarf was nicknamed "Woman-hands" because his hands were as delicate as a female dwarf.

  • Rindolf’s weapons of choice were the pick and the shortbow.

  • I later played Rindolf in a small game master+two players adventure, where he sported much better abilities than the original character. After going through the adventure and winning over all the enemies, Rindolf ended up wearing a Helm of Opposite Alignment which made him convert from a “Neutral Good” alignment to a Neutral Evil, and he ended killing his comrade for the adventure.

  • Rindolf the Evil Reindeer is Norwegian, but he speaks in a French accent, because I cannot emulate a Norwegian accent properly, and because French is the language of love and “Love is Evil, and Evil is Love”.