I accept Donations

Throughout the years I have produced a lot of useful or entertaining content - open source code, humorous stories, essays, articles, material for presentations, web-sites, riddles and puzzles, and some computer graphics. I have made most of it available on my site and elsewhere, under a free/open content licence.

Working on these works required a lot of time and still requires a lot of time for maintenance. While working on such endeavours gives me a lot of pleasure, I still would like to see some financial benefit. That’s why I decided to ask for donations using PayPal. So if what I created has benefited you in some way, please consider donating. If you don’t want to make a direct monetary donation, you can also purchase items out of my Amazon.com wishlist.

How will I spend the money? On:

  1. Financing the physical infrastructure for my works.
  2. Give it away to noble causes.
  3. Save some of it in case I’ll need it.
  4. Spend it on nice things for my friends, my family and me.

Since I was told that PayPal “donate” buttons were reserved for U.S. non-profits (and I’m still not sure whether this is the case) I removed the button from here. Just for reference, if you’d like to contribute or send money to me, you can use my PayPal ID - shlomif@shlomifish.org. Sorry for the inconvenience until I sort this out.

Amazon.com Wishlist


I do not accept Bitcoin donations, because I don't understand how such a system can be trusted, and was also told that Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme. If you wish to donate to me or pay me, please use PayPal, which I can cash into my bank account, and is real money that I can spend on goods.

(I have placed this section here after someone contacted me about accepting Bitcoin donations, in order to explain to future visitors why this is not going to happen.)