In the Event of My Death

This page aims to document the measures needed to ensure the long term survival of the online resources I have created or have adopted, in case I pass away, or otherwise become unable to tend to their maintenance.

First of all, I wish the domains of the sites I maintain to remain available long enough for them to be mirrored. As of this writing (19 September 2013) they consist mostly of static HTML pages with sources available in distributed version control systems (DVCes) repositories online, although the sources may not be too easy to build due to requiring some dependencies. In any case, they should not be hard to mirror.

The resources I created under licences that are considered too restrictive, will be given under the care of Sagiv Barhoom (שגיב ברהום), who will provide exemptions from the licence as he sees fit, with 50% of the possible earnings given to my family and the other 50% to worthy causes. I also wish that the copyrights for all my works will be released to the public domain no more than 25 years after my death, regardless of the existing copyright terms.

I wish that individual resources I created on this site, and other sites such as The Perl Beginners’ Site will continue to be maintained, possibly under different locations. Furthermore, people may opt to create derivative “forks” of this site as a whole, as long as they make it clear that it's not the original, but a modified version. I consider this site, as a whole, to be a reflection of my values, and wish it will remain intact after my demise.