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The Nature of Man and Woman

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The easiest, quickest way to gain Neo-Tech/Psychuous advantages for prosperity, power, and romantic love is simply to forge ahead: Read all the Neo-Tech Advantages in order. Do not make prejudgments. Wait until you have completed all 114 Neo-Tech Advantages. Forget judgments made by others. Do your own thinking; make your own judgments.

Grab the values from those concepts to which you can relate. Put aside temporarily those concepts you are uncertain about or disagree with. By the end of this volume, all the concepts will come together into a clear, harmonious understanding -- into a powerful, practical matrix. You will then have integrated control over all competitive situations through the Neo-Tech concepts. You will also know exactly what is happening and exactly what to do. You will forever know how to conquer mysticism in self and others. You will forever know how to quell all neocheaters. You will forever hold the power of prosperity and romantic love.

* * *

All advantages in this manual are backed by the original Neo-Tech source -- the "Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia".

Neo-Tech Advantage #1

Anyone can experience financial prosperity, psychuous pleasures, and long-range happiness by satisfying his or her biological needs (i.e., physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual needs). Psychuous pleasures require the freedom to satisfy one's own healthy needs and to set one's own live without being obligated to fill someone else's needs or to follow someone else's standards (e.g., standards of parents, spouse, government, church). But in freedom, a person's actions must be rational and responsible to be beneficial. Irrational or mystical actions will always diminish a person's well-being and happiness.

In asking, "What is the nature of man and woman?", a person might also ask, "What is reality?" and "What is required for prosperity, love, and happiness?" Losers will answer from a mystical, Platonistic basis. Winners will answer from a rational, Aristotelian basis:


Loser/Mystical Answer (Platonistic)

Human beings are by nature evil, irrational, and destructive. They are subordinate to "higher" causes. Human beings must be controlled by some higher authority or government and forced to serve others or society.

Winner/Factual Answer (Aristotelian)

Human beings are by nature good, rational, and productive (or mankind could not exist). Human beings are competent to fill their needs and to achieve happiness. By being free to act according to their own nature, they will best serve themselves and society without force or coercion from any authority or government.


Loser/Mystical Answer (Platonistic)

Reality is what the mind thinks or imagines. Wishes, will, or faith can create or alter reality. "True" reality is unknowable.

Winner/Factual Answer (Aristotelian)

Reality is what exists. Reality exists independently of anyone's thoughts, desires, will, or wishes. All reality is knowable.


Loser/Mystical Answer (Platonistic)

Sacrifice, humility, and service to duty are needed for prosperity, love, and happiness in the hereafter.

Winner/Factual Answer (Aristotelian)

Rational action, self-esteem, and production of competitive values for others are needed for prosperity, love, and happiness here on earth.

Complete answers to the above three questions are developed throughout the 114 Neo-Tech Advantages.

Human beings survive by using their minds rationally to deal with reality. They must know reality to competitively produce the values needed to prosper. Only by being left free to satisfy their nature can human beings serve themselves and others best. ...People who live free and according to their natures can easily build a future of prosperity and happiness. Moreover, with Neo-Tech, such people can easily rid themselves of mystics and neocheaters.

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