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The Highest Cause

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Neo-Tech Advantage #10

The highest cause in the universe is the well-being and happiness of the conscious individual. The individual -- a minority of one -- is the smallest, the most important, most unprotected of all minorities. If rights of the individual are protected, then rights are protected for everyone -- for Blacks, Chicanos, women, factory owners, factory workers, farmers, homosexuals. The concept of minority rights is meaningless, prejudicial, and destructive. In fact, that concept is a tool used by professional mystics and neocheaters to usurp power and unearned values not by protecting but by violating the rights of individuals.

Only the concept of individual rights is meaningful and valid. The following table contrasts the anti-individual, neocheating view to the pro-individual, Neo-Tech view.


Anti-Individual, Neocheating View
(Platonistic Oriented)

Pro-Individual, Neo-Tech View
(Aristotelian Oriented)

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