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Malefactors and Envy

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Neo-Tech Advantage #100

Malefactor is a label that can be applied to envious people. An envious person wants values destroyed. An envious person works to undermine individual and property rights, both of which are needed to achieve well-being and happiness. [Re: Table 68 in the Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia.]

Envy distorts and then consumes a person's view of life. Envy is a prime evil that people let develop within themselves to their great personal harm, unhappiness, and eventual death. Laziness and dishonesty are basic causes. Envy and impotence are basic effects. Envy is the desire to destroy values created or earned by destroy the good because of its goodness. Why? Because the objective good (rational human values) exposes by contrast the envier's defaults and impotence. That exposure, in turn, diminishes the envier's pseudo self-esteem. And that pseudo self-esteem is needed for both psychological and physical survival -- needed to prevent a mental breakdown or suicide.

Values earned by others make the envier experience his impotence. The good inherent in objective values reveals what the envier lacks. Such values reveal the human goodness that the envier has defaulted on. Such values leave the envier aware of his or her incompetence to live as a self-sufficient, independent, happy human being. Thus, the envier fears and hates such values.

Envy growing out of dishonesty and laziness is a major destructive force in human relationships. In contrast to jealousy that is directed toward the possession of values, envy is directed toward the destruction of values. The desire to destroy the values, happiness, and pleasures earned by others is the essence of envy. Envious attacks against the producers and their values are woven throughout all the "good sounding" non sequiturs of media journalists, religious leaders, politicians, social "intellectuals", "consumerists", "ecologists", and other envious neocheaters.

Contrary to the misconception promoted by envy-oriented writers and journalists, envy is not analogous to jealousy. While both reduce happiness, their causes are opposites [Re: Concept 77, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Jealousy is rooted in valuing and coveting a value...because the value is good to the beholder. Envy is rooted in resenting and hating a value...because the value threatens to expose the dishonesty and failures of the envier. The jealous person is threatened by the loss of a value. The envious person is threatened by the presence of a value.

Enviers have always hidden, camouflaged, and distorted the meaning of envy. Enviers must not let their inferiority and dependence on the producers become known to themselves or others. For, if everyone understood the nature of envy, the professional mystics and neocheaters would lose their survival tools and rationalized self-esteems. And that would bring loss of unearned gains, public disgrace, even suicide -- unless the envier chose to change -- to prosper by becoming a competitive producer of values.

Out of fear and resentment, enviers must attack values earned by others. At the same time, they must constantly usurp those values in order to survive. That contradictory life of enviers brings increasing resentment, anxiety, incompetence, unhappiness.

Those free of envy have no way of knowing the malevolent nature of the envier. Thus, most value producers, because of their naive innocence, are relatively helpless in protecting themselves from envious value destroyers. ...Who are the envious value destroyers? They are identified in the next chart. The issue is black and white: All people can be clearly classified as either envious or nonenvious [Re: Table 69, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. From value-destroying bureaucrats right up to genocidal dictators, the survival of envious people depends on their victims never discovering the nature of envy. To accomplish that concealment[ 71 ], destructive enviers must use one or more of the tactics shown in the chart below:


Tactics to Conceal Envy Commonly Used By
Avoiding the word "envy" Politicians, theologians, lawyers, "liberal" journalists, social "intellectuals", dictators
Distort and confuse the meaning of envy by falsely blending its meaning with jealousy Politicians, theologians, "liberal" journalists, social "intellectuals", psychologists
Deny the existence of envy Politicians, theologians, "liberal" journalists
Invert the destructiveness of envy into a socially "good" action (e.g., the "good" of mass destructions that force everyone to the same level) Egalitarians, "ecologists", social "intellectuals", psychologists, lawyers, politicians, dictators
Claim that envy is inborn or is "forced" into people by the environment. Therefore, envious people are blameless. Instead, society and inequality are to blame Social "intellectuals", psychologists, theologians, lawyers

Envy is a destructive character development resulting from:

  1. volitional laziness and dishonesty, and
  2. the choice to default on the self-responsibility to live by one's own mind and efforts through competitive value production.
The envier must depend on the minds and efforts of others to survive. Envy comes from within the self-made character of a person, not from society or the environment. Envious people, therefore, are responsible for their own envy, destructions, and harm to others. Enviers are the malefactors of civilization:


Who are the envious malefactors? Who are the value destroyers of civilization? They are identified below:

General Classes of Envious Malefactors
Value Destroyers

Specific Classes of Envious Malefactors
Social "Intellectuals"
Destructive Bureaucrats
Criminal-Minded Professionals

High Percentage of Envious Malefactors Found
in Specific "Occupations"

Law[ 72 ] (a few exceptions)
Media journalism[ 72 ] (some exceptions)
University professors[ 72 ] (a few notable exceptions)
Mafia members (destructive but usually not envious)
Theologians and politicians (incorrigible enviers)
Skid-row inhabitants (envious but usually not very destructive)
Unproductive scions of inherited wealth (dissipators of wealth
earned by others: "public servants" such as Nelson A.
Rockefeller, Teddy Kennedy)
Social "intellectuals" (e.g., social "scientists" -- their field is
largly spurious and the antithesis of science)
Self-appointed professional feminists[ 73 ]
Self-appointed professional environmentalists[ 73 ]
Self-appointed professional consumerists[ 73 ]
Self-appointed professional peace activists[ 73 ]

The value destroyers listed above are basically immature, anti-intellectual people who seek to evade reality and honesty. By contrast, most value producers are mature, genuienly intellectual people who seek to identify contextual facts through fully integrated honesty.

Most politicians and social "intellectuals" are immature value destroyers who survive by neocheating the value producer. Such people promote altruistic social "ideals" designed to harm and drain the value producers of this planet. Those immature value destroyers include not only politicians but a high percentage of university professors, especially in the fields of social and political sciences, philosophy, psychology, education, law, religion...and a smaller percentage in other fields. Their crusades for fake social "justice" and specious human rights are motivated by envy and executed through criminal minds. Their attacks on values are neocheating ploys not only for plundering the value producers but for hiding their own incompetence, laziness, and dishonesty. But the greatest evil of those academe is their irreparable mutilation of millions upon millions of young, developing minds.

Why are theologians also classified as neocheaters, malefactors, value destroyers, and parasites? What about the "good" that theologians do, such as help the poor? Indeed, their "good" is exactly that: good in quotes. Their "good" is usually specious and contrary to human well-being and happiness. For, their "good" is based on the altruistic sacrifice of the value producer with the theologians collecting both the praise and a middle-man's cut without producing values.

Most theologian-type "good" depends on dishonest, guilt manipulations of the producer. That "good" arises from their subtle, unjust denigrations of personal success, prosperity, and happiness. Furthermore, their "good" generally involves hypocritical, neocheating ploys designed for living with praise and "ease" without working to produce competitive values. In other words, theologians support themselves by promoting God-like altruistic schemes designed to usurp values earned by others while collecting unearned respect and power. ...That is the purpose and livelihood of most theologians.

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[ 71 ] Over the centuries, concealing the nature of envy has bee n easy. For without Neo-Tech, most nonenvious individuals have no way to comprehend envy. In their innocence, envy-free productive people cannot emotionally or intellectually grasp the idea that people actually exist who want to destroy values because of the goodness represented by those values.

[ 72 ] Envious malefactors or value destroyers are not inherent to these specific occupations. But a particularly high percentage of such malefactors populate these easy-to-fake professions. By contrast, envious malefactors rarely exist in productive hard-to-fake activities such as competitive, profit-making businesses.

[ 73 ] These professional, self-appointed value destroyers (e.g., the Nader type) are destructive enviers who use neocheating demagoguery to gain unearned power. Such neocheaters use non sequiturs to create falsely inverted "realities" such as the "hero" consumer pitted against the "villain" producer. But those neocheaters hurt both the consumer and the producer by promoting government controls and force. By contrast, those "villain" producers of values are and always have been the only real benefactors and heroes of mankind. Without those producers, no productive jobs or consumers would exist since no products or values to consume would exist. Indeed, without those producers, little, if any, human life would exist.

No disparagement is meant toward the valuable efforts of consumer-aid organizations (e.g., Better Business Bureaus) that do not sanction, use, or depend on government force or the violation of individual rights. Also no disparagement is intended toward the few honest, professionally trained ecologists who actually deliver values by objectively studying the environment relative to improving the long-range prosperity and happiness for value producers and society.

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