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Neo-Tech Versus Altruism

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Neo-Tech Advantage #102

Attacks on free enterprise, producers, and objective values by envious altruists, powercrats, social "intellectuals", theologians, lawyers, judges, academics, and other neocheaters are on the rise around the world. Before Neo-Tech, envious altruism was increasingly undermining the value producers. But today, Neo-Tech not only identifies the nature of envy, but also reveals how neocheaters use mystical altruism to attack and undermine the producers in order to usurp unearned power and values. Thus, just in time, at the crucial Nuclear-Decision Threshold (See Neo-Tech Advantage #31), Neo-Tech has become available to identify, counteract, and reverse the destructive trend of mysticism. Moreover, timely Neo-Tech also demonstrates how guiltless psychuous pleasures and happiness arise from rejecting all mystical dishonesties. And, finally, Neo-Tech renders powerless the intentional value destroyers -- the professional mystics, altruists, powercrats, parasites, enviers, and other neocheaters.

Neo-Tech means the eventual demise of the politician, social "intellectual", theologian, and every other neocheating altruist and egalitarian who usurp values and power from the value producers. At the same time, almost anyone can achieve a prosperous, happy life with Neo-Tech, even those hapless mystics and neocheaters who have been exposed and rejected by the producers armed with Neo-Tech.

Without Neo-Tech, the legions of altruists, mystics, and powercrats would have eventually buried the producers and their values, causing a new dark age. But today, Neo-Tech knowledge is spreading around the world. That expanding Neo-Tech matrix is rendering impotent professional mystics and neocheaters caught in its web. Yet, ironically, those foundering mystics and neocheaters can with Neo-Tech join the producers in experiencing genuine prosperity and happiness by rejecting their own mysticism and producing competitive values for others.

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