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Plato, Aristotle, and Neo-Tech

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Neo-Tech Advantage #103

Those with Neo-Tech knowledge will gain powerful advantages in every competitive situation. For they fully understand the crippling, 2000-year hoax of Platonistic-based philosophies that today dominate most people's thoughts and actions. Thus, by removing that hoax, Neo-Tech leaves a person with profound competitive advantages over those foundering in the Plato-based world of professional mystics and neocheaters.

Plato's philosophy provided the foundation for subsequent philosophies involving mysticism, sacrifice, and the use of force to achieve "higher" goals. Plato's philosophy also provided the basic tools for rationalizing laziness [Re: Concept 108, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. And because Plato's work is so subtly anti-intellectual, his philosophy inflicted sweeping, anti-intellectual destructions on all subsequent societies and cultures to this day.

Still, Plato, the father of the criminal mind, was one of the most original, creative thinkers in history. His work was the first widely integrated philosophical system[ 75 ] recorded in writing. The depth and breadth of his integrations were quickly matched and then surpassed by the philosophical writings of his student -- Aristotle, the father of the business mind.

But much of Plato's credit, particularly the sounder aspects of his philosophical system, perhaps belongs to his teacher, Socrates. Unfortunately, Socrates never recorded in writing his ideas or philosophical system. No writings of Socrates are known to exist. And knowledge of his work was left to the mercy and plagiarism of Plato, who perhaps deleted crucial Aristotelian-like views that would have contradicted Plato's own manipulated views. Nevertheless, Socrates was probably the first man to develop a broadly integrated philosophical system.

Plato held enormous leverage with his great intellectual and creative abilities. Thus, profound philosophical errors would occur if he were tilted even slightly toward immaturity, dishonesty, mysticism, and neocheating. And that is what happened. Some of the most integrated aspects of Plato's philosophical system are in profound error. His errors involve the integration of dishonesties, mysticism, "higher purposes", the use of force, and the exercise of authoritarian power into a full-blown, ethical philosophical system of enormous deception and dishonesties.

Furthermore, the foundation of Plato's philosophy is not based on reality, but on mysticism. His philosophy does not recognize the life of the individual human being as the prime value or even an important value. Indeed, Plato is not a man to be respected. For he was an immature, dishonest conniver who wreaked death and destruction on this world for over 2000 years. He subordinated human beings to arbitrary "higher" powers and mystical "values". Yet, the tight inner logic and integrated completeness of his specious philosophy provided great staying power for his false ideas. Thus, his spurious philosophy became the intellectual foundation of all subsequent specious philosophies, religions, and political systems.

Plato's philosophical system has been the greatest tragedy of our civilization. But at last, today, Neo-Tech is in the process of eliminating that tragedy.

By contrast, Aristotle was perhaps the greatest intellectual power in history. He built his philosophical system on objective, noncontradictory premises by placing objective reality as the only basis of honesty. Aristotle placed the individual conscious being as the supreme value on Earth. ...The philosophical roots of Aristotle lead to Neo-Tech.

Major competitive advantages accrue to those who use Neo-Tech knowledge to reject mystical, Platonistic-based frauds.

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[ 75 ] Because of his mysticisms, Plato's integrations were bou nd within a seemingly wide but cleverly closed system restricted by distortions and deceptions. By contrast, mystic-free Neo-Tech integrations are unrestricted, unlimited, without boundaries.

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