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Self-Awareness vs. Mystical "Awareness"

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Neo-Tech Advantage #105

Developing accurate awareness of self and reality through honest, integrated thinking is the prime responsibility for all human beings. In fact, such awareness is a necessity to live prosperously and happily. That awareness is available to those who exert constant, rational thinking efforts toward understanding self and reality -- and the relationship between the two. No one can deliver that understanding to another. Indeed, developing an accurate understanding of self and reality is a crucial self-responsibility for personal power.

Mystics struggle to avoid that constant, rational thinking effort needed to honestly and accurately integrate one's life with objective reality. That honest understanding and integration of reality is the key to competence and prosperity in a competitive world. But losers and mystics seek anyone or anything promising to deliver prepackaged knowledge that lets them avoid the hard work required to develop their own integrated knowledge and awareness. That is why mystics embrace such quackeries as astrology, fortune telling, graphoanalysis, biorhythms, most psychoanalysis, fad diets, or any other flimflam that deludes them with a sense of gaining effortless knowledge, awareness, control. By accepting such specious awarenesses conjured up by others, a person keeps drifting further from reality, becoming increasingly unaware, unhappy, and incompetent while rationalizing the opposite.

Acquiring integrated awareness, competence, and happiness is a self-responsibility that no one else can deliver. No one can deliver awareness and happiness to another person because no other person is in a position to:

  1. know one's own integrated self.
  2. think integrally and contextually about one's own life.
  3. control one's own actions.
  4. integrate one's own work and life with reality.
For any "authority" to have an integrated awareness of another person is impossible. No matter how complete or scientific looking (e.g., computer printouts of horoscopes or biorhythms), any such outside self-awareness analysis is invalid and mystical. And any seeming validity of such "self-awareness" packages is a specious illusion. Such illusions lead a person further away from an awareness of reality and deeper into the stupidity of mysticism -- the disease that undermines all human life and love.

Entirely different from such fake "awarenesses" through mysticism is the awareness arising from the mutual mirroring of character and personal qualities between self and a friend or romantic-love partner. Such mirroring genuinely enhances self-awareness, communication, and pleasure especially between romantic-love partners. That reflecting of a person's character and qualities is based on direct, intimate knowledge of that person. Such honest, valuable reflections differ profoundly from fake awareness packages mystically reflecting personal character and qualities based on nothing.

As with happiness, self-awareness cannot be given from one person to another. But by reflecting personal values, one can enhance another person's self-awareness in a similar way that one can enhance another person's happiness.

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