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Value Theft vs. Value Exchange

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Neo-Tech Advantage #107

Through the 2000-year history of altruistic-based cultures, most material achievements have been maligned and attacked by theologians, politicians, and other professional mystics and altruists.[ 81 ] The motive for scorning human-produced values has always been to saddle the value producers with unearned guilt. Once saddled with guilt, value producers are more easily manipulated, duped, and usurped out of their earned power and values. Indeed, to survive, professional neocheaters and mystics must constantly usurp material and psychological values from those producers.

The production of values for others is the single most important function of any person's life. Every person's survival and happiness as well as every facet of his or her physical, mental, and psychological well-being depends on the production of competitive values for others. If a person chooses not to produce sufficient values to survive, then that person must become dependent on the producers to survive by begging, cajoling, neocheating, deception, force, or theft.

Thus the producer, not the consumer[ 82 ], is essential to human life and happiness. By contrast, nonproductive people are dependent on the producers to survive. And those nonproducers who neocheat to survive exist with deteriorating competence, mounting envy, and growing unhappiness. That nonproducer's life soon terminates in Growth Death, then in emotional death, and finally in physical death.

A society that functions exclusively for the rational benefit of the individual has never existed.[ 83 ] A totally free, just, and rational society would by definition be a Neo-Tech society -- a society based on fully integrated honesty. Such a society would be a free-enterprise, nonforce government...a government and society that has yet to exist on planet Earth. The ethical essence of a Neo-Tech society is the holding of individual rights as supreme. Therefore, any form of initiatory force, coercion, or fraud against any individual by any individual, group, society, or government is immoral and thus is ostracizable.

Any suggestion of force-free societies strikes fear into neocheating politicians, demagogues, and mystics. Knowing professional value destroyers cannot survive in a nonforce, noncoerced, free-enterprise, fully competitive society, they desperately vilify and subvert any movement toward such a society and its values. They sabotage and undercut those values with non-sequitur, out-of-context attacks. Indeed, to survive, professional mystics and neocheaters must prevent a value-oriented, Neo-Tech society. For such a society would quickly identify and forever banish them as destructive criminals. ...On rejecting mystics and neocheaters, the value producers become free to prosper guiltlessly and happily by benefiting without limits others and society.

Prohibiting initiatory force, threats of force, and fraud is the only law in a Neo-Tech society. Highly effective enforcement of the individual-rights law by an integrated ostracizing system is much more punishing and effective than any police force or government jailing system. Thus, with that single, highly enforceable law, each individual would be solely responsible for his or her own actions, life, and well-being. The resulting competitive, free-choice interaction among people would deliver maximum benefits to each individual and society. That, in turn, would greatly enhance every productive person's well-being and happiness. ...Thus, to survive, the nonproductive mystics and neocheaters would have to begin producing competitive values for others instead of destructively usurping values from others.

All social interactions involve individual interactions. Value exchanges occur in valid business, friendship, and romantic-love relationships. In fact, the basic requirement for any valuable human relationship is the exchange of tangible values. But, nonproductive people often contemptuously attack competitive, tangible, and material values. For, only by attacking those values, can they conceal their parasitism and failure to fulfill their responsibilities toward producing desirable, competitive values for others and society.

From the production of competitive values, all other values grow, including prosperity, self-esteem, psychological well-being, romantic love, and abiding happiness. Furthermore, competitive, tangible, and material values are important building blocks and binding ingredients of conscious relationships, especially business, friendship, and romantic-love relationships. Professional mystics and neocheaters desperately try to deny the cardinal role of producing competitive values in living happily and in gaining romantic love. But only through the exchange of such values can personal relationships become fully integrated: From an exchange of tangible and material values, a far greater stability, intensity of love, and abiding happiness can develop than is possible from a relationship consisting only of abstract values.

Tangible values in a romantic-love relationship directly affect sexuality. For, exchanges of tangible values markedly increase sexual intensity and psychuous pleasure.

Still, abstract values are the crucial ingredient for initiating, establishing, and maintaining a friendship or a romantic-love relationship. However, tangible and material values combined with abstract values are the variables that cause psychuous pleasures and happiness to ignite and then grow constantly [Re: Table 74, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Both love and deep friendship relationships require a base of abstract values to start. But the production of tangible and material values is necessary for moving a relationship into unlimited growth and high-gear happiness. A comparison of abstract values versus tangible values in friendship and love relationships is illustrated by the following chart:


(Delivered from one person to another person
in friendship or love relationships)

Abstract Values

Psychologically valuable reflections

Philosophically valuable reflections

Reflections of each other's values

Analytical feedback of thoughts and ideas

Mirroring of personal worth, values, and ideas

Tangible and Material Values

Practical contributions to increasing the efficacy and productivity of the other

Practical contributions to reducing or eliminating value-destroying and time-wasting problems and errors inside and outside the relationship

Practical contributions to producing tangible and material values to one's self and the other

Practical contributions to providing tangible and material values to the other

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[ 81 ] Adolph Hitler was a consummate altruist. He scorned material values in his personal life. He was the personification of asceticism and sacrifice. He demanded the eventual sacrifice of all human beings and their values to his deemed "higher" cause of duty and obedience to society. He fed his weak ego and pseudo self-esteem with an ever increasing need for power and control over others by force. Similarly, people like Mao, Pol Pot, Nader and other altruists ignore honesty, scorn material values, and survive on unearned power gained by brute force or neocheating deceptions. They need increasing control over others to feed their weak egos. ...Such altruists gain their power by attacking and usurping values produced or earned by others. Thus, such altruists live by harming or killing innocent value producers.

[ 82 ] "Consumerism" is an invalid concept conjured up by self-appointed consumer advocates. They are backed by criminal-minded politicians, neocheating journalists, dishonest academics, self-appointed environmentalists, socially chic "intellectuals", most lawyers, and dishonest white-collar-hoax business people. ...Indeed, the value producer, not the consumer, is the hero of conscious life and of civilizations throughout the universe.

[ 83 ] A society has no moral or logical reason to exist except to benefit the individual and protect his and her property rights. But a fully moral, logical society has never existed. For the producers have always been tricked into accepting and supporting free-loading, professional mystics and neocheaters acting as "authorities". Such "authorities" use altruism to control value producers through false guilt. Thus, those value producers work to support those very neocheaters who harm, pillage, and eventually destroy them, their loved ones, and everyone's happiness.

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