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Understanding Justice and Love

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Neo-Tech Advantage #109

Contrary to the pronouncements of most modern linguists and social "scientists", words and language are primarily tools of thinking, not of communication. But clear thinking would lead to identification of the value destroyers. Thus, professional mystics and neocheaters must constantly attack and debase words and language to prevent clear thinking. For the existences of professional value destroyers depend on obscuring, distorting, and concealing reality in order to perpetuate fuzzy thinking among their victims. To accomplish that obfuscation, the mystics and neocheaters must (1) use words out of context, (2) twist and invert meanings of key words and concepts, and (3) dishonestly build on rationalizations and non sequiturs. ...They develop their own newspeak without regard to honesty.

Honest intellectuals concerned about the decay of language know that twisting and misusing words corrode the tools of thinking. But that is only half the problem. Protecting honesty and language also involves context. Powerful thinking requires not only using consistent, exact definitions but also precise, accurate contexts for all words and concepts. To accurately define meanings and contexts of important words and concepts is not only central to precise communication, oral or written, but is the key to effective thinking and understanding reality.

By contrast, twisting meanings of key words and using concepts out of context are the primary techniques of professional mystics and neocheaters, especially those in the media. For they exist by distorting or inverting language to deceive others. They invert the meanings of important words in order to rationalize their deceptions, destructions, thefts, use of force, and other irrational, immoral actions. And they do that often under inverted newspeak pretexts of justice, social good, human rights, and "higher" causes.

In seeking honesty and understanding of reality, one must be aware of both definition and context of key words. But neocheating "intellectuals", in their need to conceal meanings, exert mighty efforts to distort the meaning and invert the context of crucial words such as the following words:













Words can also represent concepts. The more basic the concept, the greater abstraction and integration is required to fully grasp that concept. The most difficult concepts to grasp in their full, accurate context are the most basic human concepts such as:




Throughout history, those three basic concepts have been used out of context or inverted in meaning by all professional mystics and neocheaters in their constant need to camouflage their destructive, parasitical existences. When neocheaters speak of justice, they are usually promoting unjust, destructive actions against the value producer, objective values, individual rights, private property, and the means to produce values and achieve happiness. When neocheaters speak of good -- the common good or the "higher" good -- they are usually promoting destructive altruism designed to usurp or destroy values earned by others. When neocheaters speak of love and brotherhood, they are usually promoting envious, promiscuous, egalitarian schemes designed to cripple competitive value producers and undermine romantic love.

To fully understand the basic concepts of justice, good, and love requires an accurate understanding of human nature relative to reality. That understanding requires integrations of the many specific concepts identified by Neo-Tech. To understand the concept of romantic love, for example, requires understanding the various Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts needed to understand romantic love in full, accurate context. Because the concepts of justice, good, and love are inextricably linked, all three concepts are fully integrated throughout the Neo-Tech literature.

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