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Self-Esteem and the Rewards of Life

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Neo-Tech Advantage #11

Happiness of man and woman is not based on sex or pleasure, but on self-esteem. Self-esteem acquired through honesty and productivity is the requisite for romantic love and psychuous pleasures. Within a romantic-love relationship, psychuous sex adds an intensity to human pleasure unattainable elsewhere in life. Psychuous pleasures are the rewards for day-by-day, rational, productive actions. Psychuous pleasures, financial prosperity, romantic love, and long-range happiness are the rewards of a productive, honest life.

Self-esteem is a person's estimation of his or her self-worth. Self-esteem is based on the ability to live independently, happily, competently. Self-esteem is dependent on one's effectiveness in dealing with reality. A high level of self-esteem requires a commitment to objectivity and honesty. But objectivity and honesty do not occur automatically. One must constantly work hard to be objective and honest. And one must always work to maintain those qualities or they will slip away.

Self-esteem is that emotion of feeling worthy and competent to live in this world -- of feeling in control of life. That feeling depends on having a value-producer orientation or value-destroyer orientation as listed in the following self-evaluation test:


Value-Producer Orientation

Value-Destroyer Orientation

Orientation for Positive Changes

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