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Facts and Justice

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Neo-Tech Advantage #110

In American cities, white neighborhoods are generally safer than black neighborhoods. Throughout history, men have reached greater heights in intellectual, aesthetic, and commercial achievements than have women. In general, Jews are more intelligent, productive, creative and, therefore, more potent in life and sex than people of other religions, nationalities, or races.[ 88 ] Are those the words of a racist, a chauvinist, a Zionist zealot? Perhaps so if such statements were directed toward or used in judgment of particular individuals. But the statements are made in reference to objective, statistical facts that are real. When those statements are placed in the proper context of being generalized statistics that do not characterize any particular individual, they are then validly applicable to generalized situations.

If the data are accurate, then in-context inferences from those data are factual and must be considered in order to make honest evaluations and correct decisions. Consider, for example, the provable statistic that in all major U.S. cities a significantly higher percentage of Blacks than Whites injure and murder people.[ 89 ] That is a statistical fact regardless of the reasons or so-called social causes. But to apply that statistical fact to any individual would be out-of-context and unjust because such statistics can not be validly or honestly applied to any particular individual.

On the other hand, to ignore or distort in-context facts is a dishonest evasion of reality. Such dishonest evasions of reality mystically conceal the knowledge required to deal accurately with reality in making effective decisions and judgments. For example, consider if a white or black person is concerned with physical safety for his or her loved ones and property: What if that person had the choice of living in equivalent housing in a predominantly black, depressed community or in a predominantly white, equally depressed community? Basing that choice on facts, that person would choose to live in the white community. Indeed, that person would have made the correct decision without necessarily harboring any bigotry or without acting unjustly or harmfully toward any individual.

Likewise, from factual statistics, a much higher percentage of men than women accomplish major intellectual, artistic, and commercial achievements. Regardless of the causes or reasons, that statistical fact has been true throughout recorded history and is still true today. However, with the increased educational, social, economic, and financial freedoms now available to Western women, the percentage of women attaining high achievement has increased. But the increase is nowhere near the proportion of increased opportunities for women. Women, in general, have not fully utilized their increased freedoms and opportunities. Still, to blindly apply that statistical fact to any individual woman would be unjust, inaccurate, and out of context. But to ignore that statistical fact in its proper, generalized context would be a mystical evasion of reality that could result in serious errors in judgment and thinking needed for honest, accurate business and personal decisions.

Proper in-context generalizations based on accurate facts are necessary to accurately perceive reality, to know what is going on, and to make correct decisions. On the other hand, a person must never apply statistical data or generalizations to any specific individual. To do so would not only be unjust and dishonest, but would also be inaccurate, misleading, and a mystical distortion of reality.

Conversely, applying individual characterizations to general groups of people would likewise be invalid, unjust, dishonest, misleading, and mystical. To most effectively use the Neo-Tech Advantages, one must not only integrate thought with action, but must integrate both in-context generalized facts with in-context specific facts [Re: Table 77, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

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[ 88 ] Jews are generally more evolved, moral, productive, inte lligent, creative, and potent than other groups of people. Why? Mainly because the Jewish religion is less harmful than religions or mysticisms engulfing other people. The Jewish religion itself is harmful and irrational as are all mystical religions and governments. But the Judeo ethics project less guilt toward value producers and less malevolence toward human values such as productive effort, sexual pleasures, creativity, self-sufficiency than do the much more virulent, envious ethics of Christianity (especially Roman Catholicism), Islam, and other evilly destructive religions. Also, the Jewish religion is more oriented around respect for self and less around respect for external "authority" such as government. In addition, the post-Renaissance Jewish god has been basically a god of justice as opposed to the Christian god of mercy. (Mercy is arbitrary, subjective, and unjust -- the opposite of justice.*) Jewish people, therefore, have been freer to reject other mysticisms and live for their rational best interests. That allows them to more fully and guiltlessly develop their own creative and intellectual capacities to the maximum benefit of themselves, society, and civilization.

The state of Israel, despite its illegal origins, is comprised of individuals -- mainly innocent individuals. And Israel today has perhaps the only moral foreign policy among all nations. That policy is based on the profound moral right to self-defense. In fact, a single-purpose foreign policy based entirely on self-defense is the only rational, moral foreign policy possible. For that alone, Israel must be recognized and morally supported.

Twentieth-century Zionism did criminally violate the individual and property rights of some Palestinians. But, most violations of individual and prosperity rights of the Palestinians were done by the Palestinians themselves or their Arab neighbors. The injustices and moral wrongs experienced by those Palestinians forcefully separated from their homes and properties were very real and condemnable, even though the Palestinians who suffered property losses were financially compensated by Israel.

Today, most Jews are innocent. They are not responsible for past crimes by others. Thus, they cannot be held guilty by association or penalized for the actions of others. But, Jews and Arabs alike who are guilty of objective crimes should be fully prosecuted.

*Based on objective principles, justice is an end in itself. The idea behind government "justice" systems is not justice at all, but is the subjective, arbitrary idea of mercy. For mercy serves the neocheater's need to control others. How mercy only serves the neocheaters is most evident in the ideas behind jailing people: Imprisonment for rehabilitation, correction, or deterrent reasons are mystical notions designed by neocheaters to arbitrarily exercise force over individuals. The only punishments that are moral (including execution for premeditated murder) are those based solely on justice to the victim. Mystics and neocheaters will always hide the concept of justice for it would leave them powerless, stripping them of their major aggression tool for controlling and usurping values from others. For example, with the concept of objective justice, all such victimless-crime and confiscatory-tax laws would be unenforceable because no individual had been previously injured by force, fraud, or coercion to which justice could be addressed. In fact, enforcing such subjective laws is the antithesis of justice in that such laws make problems where none exist in order to unjustly and destructively control others by force or threat of force.

[ 89 ] References: "Crime in the United States: Uniform Crime Report", issued annually by the FBI; "Crime and Race" M.E. Wolfgang and B. Cohen.

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