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The Neo-Tech Solution to Racism

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Neo-Tech Advantage #111

As with any feeling or emotion, an unacted-upon racist feeling is not subject to guilt or moral judgment. Mind crimes do not exist, except through the false-guilt ploys of political, religious, and "intellectual" neocheaters. Only when racist feelings are translated into harmful actions does racism become unjust, immoral, guilty. Destructive, government-implemented racism occurs in Zionist Israel and in apartheid South Africa. But much more destructive racism occurs in all Arab, Moslem, and black-African dictatorships as well as in many Asian countries such as the USSR, India, and Red China. But, ironically, the freest countries practicing racism potentially present the most tragic dilemmas:

What is the remedy to Zionist racism that forcibly violates the individual rights of millions of Palestinians? The only moral position is to restore full individual rights to everyone, including the Palestinians. But that would seem to allow even greater violations of individual rights by permitting a much worse, Syrian-like dictatorship or a murderous, Iranian-like theocracy take over.

In principle, Israel's problem is similar to South Africa's problem. Both forcibly implement racist policies. But in South Africa, the problem today arises not as much from racism as from the fear that a much worse, murderous racist Leninism would take over. Most rational South Africans, both blacks and whites, fear that ending the current system would allow the worst form of neocheating and mysticism (murderous Marxist-Leninism) to take over and destroy whatever is good and worsen whatever is bad.

An unsolvable dilemma? Not at all. Instead, spectacularly beneficial solutions exist through Neo-Tech: By using Neo-Tech principles, people can explicitly and permanently eliminate initiatory force and fraud by any person, group, or government. In other words, Neo-Tech effectively dismantles the mechanism for government to initiate force or fraud. A Neo-Tech based society has but a single law and responsibility -- to protect the individual rights of everyone. [Re: Neo-Tech Advantage #82]

Neo-Tech is the solution to racism in South Africa, in Israel, as well as in all fascist, Marxist, and theocratic regimes. For, Neo-Tech collapses force-backed power and laws, leaving that society with the sole power and function to protect the individual rights of everyone -- black, white, man, woman, rich, poor, Jew, Palestinian, business person, laborer. Neo-Tech frees individuals from initiatory force, fraud, and destructive oppression. Neo-Tech protects each person's individual and property rights from Marxist-Leninism destruction and other forms of force and coercion.

In South Africa, Israel, and totalitarian nations, Neo-Tech would free victims of force-backed racism and vanquish laws backed by force. In turn, eliminating that mechanism for initiating force would dramatically strengthen self-defense for protecting the individual rights and property of everyone.

Thus, Neo-Tech would eliminate the threat of destruction that now awaits those in South Africa and Israel, especially the value producers and their property. For, Neo-Tech delivers a safe, orderly society of unprecedented prosperity and happiness reaching forever into the future. Neo-Tech is the freedom and inspiration for those still living under force-backed, totalitarian governments. In one stroke, Neo-Tech will end those fears and threats by denuding the professional value destroyers of their power. For Neo-Tech dismantles their mechanisms of initiatory force and coercion. At the same time, Neo-Tech provides iron-clad protection to individual rights.

The choice is (1) a holocaust or (2) the dark ages, or (3) the sunlit world of Neo-Tech. With the worldwide distribution of the Neo-Tech Discovery occurring today in most major languages, the choice will be Neo-Tech. ...For nothing can stop Neo-Tech. Nothing can stop the demise of mysticism and all its symbiotic neocheaters.

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