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Vertical/Horizontal Thinking vs. Dreaming

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Neo-Tech Advantage #112

Vertical thinking is thinking within the known boundaries of knowledge. Vertical thinking is developmental thinking that leads to fuller development of knowledge. Integrated vertical thinking develops the depths and richness of life. Many areas of life from business to romantic-love relationships have vast potentials for rewarding development through vertical thinking.

Horizontal thinking is thinking beyond the boundaries of known knowledge. Horizontal thinking is creative thinking that leads to new ideas, values, businesses, thoughts, experiences, humor[ 90 ]. Integrated horizontal thinking yields new areas for vertical development. The combination of horizontal and vertical thinking leads to a never-ending progression of knowledge, values, prosperity, and happiness. Vertical and horizontal thinking are uniquely human attributes that have no limits or bounds. Such consistent, honest thinking propels a person to never-ending knowledge, prosperity , romantic love, and happiness.

In a Neo-Tech society, all individuals are free to think and function to their fullest. Being free from mystics and neocheaters, individuals guiltlessly become responsible for their own lives, thinking, actions, well-being, and happiness.[ 91 ] ...What happens when vertical and horizontal thinking combine with rational action? Happiness and romantic love evolve from an ever-upward spiral of earned power and prosperity.

[Re: The concept of vertical versus horizontal thinking originated from Edward DeBono, New Think, Basic Books, N.Y.]

Dreaming -- Thinking in Reverse

Dreaming is the thinking process in reverse: Dreaming is the mind's garbage-disposing process. Dreams help purge the mind of unintegrated clutter, mysticism, and meaningless non sequiturs absorbed while awake. Thus, contrary to the mystical notions of Freud, dreams have no meanings or connections to reality. And dream "analysis" is nothing more than feeding regurgitated clutter back into the mind. Plus, the more mysticism and non sequiturs that crowd the mind, the more frequent and nightmarish dreams become. Then subsequent dreams increasingly lose their therapeutic, garbage-disposal effects. If the mind becomes increasingly loaded with mystical notions, one's dreams grow less effective in purging and protecting the mind from clutter. The mind then becomes unable to store, integrate, or function efficiently enough to let that person live as a happy, intelligent, productive, conscious being.

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[ 90 ] Effective humor is created through horizontal thinking o n formulating surprising, unexpected ways to look at something. The swinging back and forth from the expected and conventional to the new and unexpected is the essence of humor [Re: Concept 109 in Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

[ 91 ] Except for the moral responsibility to one's dependent children, no one is morally responsible for anyone else's life, well-being, or happiness [Re: Concept 102, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia]. Yet, throughout history, professional mystics and neocheaters have duped the value producer into believing that he or she is responsible for supporting them -- the non-producers, the parasites, the value destroyers, the mystics, the neocheaters.

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