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The Best Period of History -- Now

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Neo-Tech Advantage #113

Left-wing, right-wing, conservative, and "liberal" views all stem from the same reactionary, Platonistic root. All are dependent on dishonest mysticism and all are philosophically entrenched in the neocheating ploys of sacrifice and altruism. Such altruistic philosophies are contrary to human nature and well-being. Social utopias extrapolated from any altruistic premise are by nature Platonistic, destructive, and totalitarian. Such utopias depend on sacrifice, force, coercion, controls, and doomsday predictions.[ 92 ] With those conditions, the individual's best interests are always subjugated to the utopian "higher" causes. Thus, being continuously neocheated and drained by utopian rulers, the individual becomes less and less able to produce competitive values for others and society.

By contrast, in a Neo-Tech society, the individual is free to function according to his or her biological nature in becoming more and more productive for others and society. The natural happiness and freedom in a Neo-Tech society starkly contrasts to socialistic utopias. In such utopias, individuals are compelled to sacrifice their value-producing competence and efficacy to the altruistic, "higher" causes of utopian rulers. [Re: Table 79, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia] Only in a noncoercive Neo-Tech society are productive individuals free to function according to their nature in order to achieve maximum prosperity, psychuous pleasures, and happiness by delivering maximum values to society.

Although altruistic, anti-individualism is still growing throughout the world, today stands as the most exciting, enlightened period of all history. For the first time in history, an inescapable matrix of Neo-Tech knowledge is available to collapse mysticism and replace every neocheating system with a free, prosperous Neo-Tech society.[ 93 ] Productive individuals will then reign free and supreme to experience endlessly growing prosperity, romantic love, and abiding happiness. ...The best time of all history is now!

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[ 92 ] Most of the past and present doomsayers (such as "God", Plato, Thomas Malthus, Adolph Hitler, Paul Ehrlich, Julian Huxley, Paul Kurtz, Margaret Mead, Ralph Nader, Luther Evans, B.F. Skinner) use dishonest projections of free man destroying himself. But those projections are false non sequiturs used to promote the neocheaters' own value-usurping utopias. Such utopias are not only totalitarian by nature, but would be boring, static societies frozen by force around some predescribed "ideal". Such utopias would block the exciting, never-ending discoveries that naturally occur through advances in knowledge, technology, and art by productive individuals in a non-utopian, free society.

[ 93 ] In a Neo-Tech society, the only actions that are prohibited are the use of initiatory force, coercion, or fraud against any individual. That prohibition is upheld by ostracism as well as the right to use retaliatory, self-defense force or legal action against any initiator of force, coercion, or fraud.

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