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Youth-Rejuvenating Immortality Now

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Neo-Tech Advantage #114

(Also see Appendix F and Neo-Tech V)

Animals live, age, and die without choice, according to their environment and biological nature. That no-choice situation does not exist for human beings. Only human beings have the choice and power to control nature. People can learn to continuously expand the value of their lives. They do that by increasingly developing knowledge and productivity to experience increasing earned power, prosperity, and happiness. Likewise, people can learn how to continuously extend their biological/psychological lives through Neo-Tech knowledge, technology, and business. Youth-rejuvenating immortality is the supreme moral achievement for conscious beings as their individual lives become increasingly valuable with increasing age, knowledge, and experience.

Life can be immortal. Today, for the first time, no one has to age and then die -- intellectually, psychologically, or physically. With current technology, free of mysticism and neocheating, commercial biological immortality for conscious beings is possible in a decade or less by not one but by several different scientifically feasible routes. Indeed, youth-perpetuating biological immortality will be quickly accomplished when the current anti-life, mystical/neocheating cultures are collapsed by Neo-Tech. With that collapse, the professional mystics and neocheaters will lose their power. In their place will rise a Neo-Tech/Neothink society in which the life of the individual is revered as the supreme value in the universe. [Re: Concept 116, Table 51, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia].

In a Neo-Tech/Neothink society, self-rejuvenation of and/or exact-replica replacement of body parts, including the entire body could be possible in less than ten years through already known biological techniques and future nanotechnologies. Today, however, the primary problem of achieving youth-rejuvenating immortality is not medical or technical, but is philosophical. ...With Neo-Tech curing the always terminal disease of mysticism, conscious life will change from always terminal to forever eternal.

Biological immortality could be achieved quickly in an unregulated, free-enterprise, Neo-Tech atmosphere. That business atmosphere of fully integrated thinking and honesty would boom commercial research seeking maximum profits from rejuvenation developments and immortality services. Non-aging biological immortality would have the widest market and maximum value of any commercial product or service possible to conscious beings.

Yet, the enormous commercial and moral incentives to achieve human immortality remain unrecognized because of the prevailing, mystical, anti-life philosophies and the neocheating "authorities" whose control over value production prevent the motivation and freedom for producers to develop biological immortality.

Absolute I-ness immortality accomplished by creating a perfectly restorable conscious mind and sense of self (I-ness) would have a profound psychological impact on every productive human being: Imagine the impact of planning one's own life for the next 300 years. Imagine the time that would be available to build accomplishments, careers, and interests. Imagine if one's life span were suddenly expanded to 300 years, 1000 years, 10,000 years. Imagine the value and respect placed on human lives that forever increased in value. ...Current technology indicates that such definitive, biological immortality would be both scientifically and technically possible in less than a decade in a free society that recognizes individual consciousness as the supreme value in the universe.

Pending further technological development, biological immortality would include the transfer of one's consciousness and sense of one's self (I-ness) into genetically identical entities (e.g., to blank or tabula-rasa brains in cloned bodies). Neo-Tech V lists other routes to non-aging biological immortality feasible within the scope of current technology. Neo-Tech Pincer Movement #1, volume #2, Guns-and-Fists Newsletter #3-2 also demonstrates why the concept of cryonics is axiomatically flawed, guarantees death, and plays a negative role toward achieving I-ness immortality.

The Value of Life:
Einstein and the Factory Worker

If Einstein -- or just his brain -- could have been kept functioning after his death, imagine the additional benefits that mind would have bestowed on society: Is not that the main motivation for and value of immortality? Is not that the moral purpose of biological immortality?

No, absolutely not. That is an altruistic view that stymies the effort, motivation, and moral mandate needed to develop commercial I-ness immortality within our generation.

The entire purpose, motivation, and goal of biological immortality is not so a brain can continue to serve some "higher" cause, but so the flesh-and-blood individual, from an Einstein to a productive factory worker, can continue to physically enjoy life and create happiness for his or her own self and loved ones by continually producing values for others. As a result (not a purpose), the immortal individual will increasingly benefit others and society as that person becomes increasingly knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient at producing competitive values desired by others.

The value of Einstein's or anyone else's life is meaningful only to one's own flesh-and-blood life and living happiness, not to some society or "higher" cause.

Why Do So Many People
Not Want to Live Forever?

Because They Fail to Earn Guiltless
Prosperity, Love, and Happiness
Needed to Experience the
Passion to Live and Love Forever

The more people let mysticism influence their lives, the more they become unknowledgeable, undermine values, grow lazy, lose happiness, dislike life. With increasing mysticism, they become increasingly incompetent to earn honest values, power, love, and happiness. In addition, the more people accept mysticism, the more neocheaters can manipulate them. And the more manipulated and less successful one becomes, the more painful and difficult life becomes until the idea of living forever becomes abhorrent, even terrifying. ...Only people who purge themselves of hateful, destructive mysticism can earn the values, power, and happiness needed to experience the passion to live and love forever.

Unstoppable Neo-Tech

Professional mystics and neocheaters have perfected and perpetuated their hoax of inverted values for the past 2000 years. But today, Neo-Tech is in forward motion around the world. The Neo-Tech matrix is spreading. It is unstoppable, irreversible, and will collapse the entire destructive hoax of mysticism. No mystic or neocheater can stop Neo-Tech from eliminating mysticism and its symbiotic neocheaters.

Happiness Forever

With life ageless and immortal, mystic-free conscious beings can forever experience growing prosperity, love, happiness, and life itself through productive work, romantic love, psychuous pleasures, and I-ness immortality. ...The moral purpose of all conscious life would then be met -- increasing happiness forever.

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