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Unjust Criticism and Guilt

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Neo-Tech Advantage #12

Personal emotions possess an untouchable ownership and privacy. Emotions are subject neither to criticism nor judgment. Only actions can be criticized or judged as right or wrong. Feelings and emotions can have a rational or irrational basis, but they are never "right" or "wrong". Emotions are spontaneous, automatic reactions that are not in the immediate or direct control of a person. No one ever needs to feel guilty about any emotion.

A person is responsible only for the actions he or she takes. Those actions include the words that egress from one's mouth (mouth responsibility: what one chooses to go in and out of the mouth determines a person's competence, self-esteem, weight, health, appearance, happiness).

Also, since feelings and emotions are often subjective, making moral judgments of others on the basis of one's own personal feelings or emotions is unsound and unfair. For example, most of the negative-judgment vilifications that neocheaters publicly make (especially dishonest journalists and cartoonists) against such great value producers as Jay Gould, John D. Rockefeller, Howard Hughes, and Aristotle Onassis are based primarily on emotions of resentment and envy. In time, the misinformed public begins to accept the neocheaters' mystical-based cancer seeds, their emotional-based judgments, their big-lie assertions -- usually planted throughout the media. The public generally accepts the neocheater's assertions, no matter how groundless, dishonest, unjust.

The facts are, however, that individuals like Jay Gould, John D. Rockefeller, Howard Hughes, and Aristotle Onassis were moral men of great integrity. And, they were major producers of values. Indeed, they were major benefactors to mankind whose values will live forever as opposed to those quickly-forgotten malefactors who enviously attacked them.

* * *

Almost all successful businessmen not involved with governments are, by nature, honest in their private and business dealings. Moreover, when those businessmen avoid, evade, even pay off government bureaucrats, politicians, and other neocheaters merely to be left alone in order to keep producing, they are neither dishonest nor immoral. Instead, they are morally trying to protect their capacity to produce values for others. They are meeting their highest responsibility in protecting themselves and others from the immoral force of neocheating "authorities" who live through value destruction.

Value producers neither like nor sanction neocheaters, usurpers, plunderers, and other such parasites. But can those value producers say "no" to the neocheating powercrats who threaten them? In the long run, value producers can and must say "no". They must refuse every usurping neocheater if they are to survive. Indeed, most businessmen are innocent heroes struggling to produce competitive values for others despite increasing government coercion, attacks, and usurpations.

Contrary to the efforts of the academia and media to make such businessmen appear guilty, the facts are the opposite: government powercrats, politicians, bureaucrats, most lawyers, and many of the media journalists and university professors are the guilty ones. For, they are the neocheaters; they are the ones who are destructive, corrupt, dishonest; they are the ones who exist by deception, force, coercion, dishonesty, fraud.

Without the professional mystics and neocheaters, all the corrupt systems of forced regulations, forced mediocrity, fake litigation, destructive taxes, corruption, and wars would not exist. But without the value producers, civilization itself would not exist. Without those producers, all civilization would perish. Or, by contrast, without mysticism all neocheaters would perish. Everyone else would flourish.

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