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Avoiding Sacrifice

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Neo-Tech Advantage #15

An honest value producer can practice altruistic sacrifice, but he does so always at the expense of his own productivity and happiness, while reducing his value to others and society. An altruistic value producer is a psychological contradiction. Such a person represents a personal tragedy who is unnecessarily sacrificing his or her own efficacy, well-being, and happiness to clever neocheaters.

On the other hand, professional mystics and neocheaters function by forcing or coercing the producer to sacrifice increasingly larger portions of time, property, and earnings to themselves and other nonproducers. As a result of making "careers" from other people's sacrifices, those value destroyers never learn to exert the honest thought and effort needed to be competitive -- to produce tradeable values required to become happy, independent individuals with genuine prosperity and self-esteem. By their defaults, mystics and neocheaters lose the possibility of earning abiding prosperity and happiness, despite their desperate efforts to feign importance, self-worth, well-being, and happiness. ...With Neo-Tech, one cannot only avoid sacrifice, but can smash the facade of all professional mystics and neocheaters.

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